Ram 1500 TRX Sets the Boost-Only Quarter Mile Record

Jody Otwell Ram 1500 TRX

During the Street Car Takeover event in Bradenton, Florida on February 25th, Jody Otwell’s Ram 1500 TRX ran a 9.99 in the quarter mile, just one hundredth of a second behind the world record for a boost only (no nitrous oxide). After that 9-second pass, he knew that with the recent tuning help of Tim … Read more

The ZTunes Hellcat Resets the Dodge Charger Quarter Mile Record

Zdung Ho Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

The Go Mango 2016 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat which is owned, driven and tuned by Zdung Ho has long been the quickest and fastest Hellcat sedan in the quarter mile, but at the first Legion of Demons event of 2023, the man known throughout the community as “Z” continued improving on his personal best time … Read more

Leah Pruett Gets Her First Win in the TSR Dodge Power Brokers Dragster

Leah Pruett

This past weekend, the NHRA Camping World Championship Drag Racing series headed to Bandimere Speedway for the Dodge Power Brokers Mile-High Nationals, so it was fitting that Leah Pruett recorded her first win with Tony Stewart Racing in her Dodge Power Brokers-sponsored Top Fuel Dragster. Pruett put together a series of smoking fast runs to … Read more

A Gallery from the 20th Annual Muscle Cars at the Strip

Muscle Cars at the Strip

Last month, the 20th annual Muscle Cars at the Strip was held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and it was an amazing event. Although winds so strong that the roofs were ripped from golf carts and steel barriers held down by sandbags were blown over on Saturday followed by hard rains on Sunday, the event … Read more

Direct Connection Sponsoring the MSHS Street Class for 2022

Direct Connection Modern Street Hemi Shootout

If you are reading this, you likely already know, but the Modern Street Hemi Shootout (MSHS) series is the premier racing organization for modern Mopar racers or classic vehicles powered by a late model Hemi. It is the biggest Mopar series with the fastest modern Mopar-powered race cars in the world (there is even a … Read more

DSR Crew Chief AJ Berge’s Secret Weapon for the 2022 NHRA Factory Stock Showdown

AJ Berge Challenger Drag Pak

AJ Berge is best known to many members of the Mopar community as one of the leading authorities on modern Hemi tuning. He was one of the first people to figure out how to successfully tune the modern Hemi engine and over the past 15+ years, he has had a hand in tuning many of … Read more

Dodge Charger Dominates Street Car Takeover Heavyweight Class

This past weekend, the Street Car Takeover series kicked off its 2022 schedule at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida and Dodge Charger dominated the Heavyweight class. It wasn’t just any Dodge Charger though – it was the same Dodge Charger that became the first of the modern sedans to run in the 7-second range roughly … Read more

Challenger Super Stock Runs a 9.95 with Good Tires, a Few Less Lbs

Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock

The Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock was introduced as an answer for anyone who wanted to buy a new Mopar muscle car that was set up for the drag strip. The Super Stock is somewhat similar to the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon, but the Super Stock doesn’t come with the PCM that unlocks the 840-horsepower … Read more

Epling Dodge Challenger Hellcat Runs a 6.96, Reclaims the World Record

Epling Hellcat Challenger 6.96 quarter mile

This past weekend, the 2022 Legion of Demons event was held at Houston Raceway Park and while the event is designed to cater to the 2018 Demon, it is open to other modern Mopar vehicles. One of the non-Demons in attendance was the “007” Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat of the Epling Garage family race team … Read more

Epic World’s Fastest Hellcat Match Race Planned for March

Hellcat Challenger Shootout

When the 2022 Muscle Cars at the Strip event is held next March, there will be plenty of incredible drag racing, but in a match race battle for the ages, the world’s quickest and fastest Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat racers will go head-to-head. This includes the 007 Hellcat of the Epling Garage family race team … Read more

World’s Quickest, Fastest Challenger Hellcat Runs a 6.99 at 200

Grumpy Cat Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

This past weekend, many of the quickest modern Mopar race cars headed to Houston Raceway Park for the Lone Star Mopar Fest, which is one of the stops on the Modern Street Hemi Shootout series. The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat known as GRMPYCAT was in attendance, and once again, on the first run off of … Read more

Dodge Challenger Redeye Resets the Record with an 8.18 1/4-mile

James Golden Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye

This past weekend, the Holley Moparty – one of the largest all-Mopar show and racing events in the world – was held at Beechbend Raceway Park in Kentucky. Rainy weather brought an early end to the drag racing program, but that didn’t stop James Golden and his F8 Green Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye from … Read more

GRMPYCAT Dodge Challenger Hellcat Runs a 7.01 Quarter Mile

Kevin Helmick Grumpy Cat 7.01

This past weekend, many of the top Mopar drag racers headed to Beechbend Raceway Park in Kentucky for the Holley Moparty and among them was the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat known as “Grumpy Cat”. Owned and driven by Kevin Helmick, this heavily modified Hellcat Challenger recently claimed the world record for the quickest car in … Read more