Dodge Continues to Keep Durango Lineup Fresh with a New Look

2023 Dodge Durango RT Hemi Orange

The Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat was only available for the 2022 model year due to new government regulations for the 2023 model year, but the performance minded brand isn’t ignoring the popular three-row SUV. For the 2023 model year, Dodge has introduced the Hemi Orange package from the 2022 Challenger and Charger, adding a unique … Read more

World’s Quickest Modern Dodge Charger Resets the Record

AJ Berge Dodge Charger

A few months back, we brought you the news of the first modern Dodge Charger to break into the 7-second quarter mile range. That Hemi-powered machine is owned, driven, built and tuned by AJ Berge of Hemituner Performance. Berge’s 2006 Charger ran a 7.98 and 7.97 back in February and since then, he hasn’t made … Read more

AJ Berge’s Dodge Charger: The First in the 7s

This past weekend, AJ Berge, owner and tuning mastermind of Hemituner Performance became the first person to put a modern Dodge Charger in the 7-second quarter mile range. Berge set this remarkable record during a private track rental at Orlando Speed World Dragway and not only did he run the first 7-second quarter mile by … Read more

Modern Street Hemi Shootout 2021 Season Preview


While many racing associations canceled their 2020 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the crew from the Modern Street Hemi Shootout series managed to hold their entire season. They had to make some date changes to work around local emergency restrictions on crowd-based activities, but in the end, Dan VanHorn and his team were able … Read more