The True Story Behind Dodge’s “Leprechaun” Challenger Demon 170 Teasers

Dodge Last Call Leprechaun

During the lead-up to the debut of the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170, Dodge showed teasers depicting what appeared to be a pair of leprechauns. Social media’s smoothest-brained users were quick to proclaim that they were ghouls, allegedly confirming the rumor that the Dodge brand was working on a package called the Ghoul, but that was not the case.

Earlier this month, Dodge invited a small group of media to the Auburn Hills headquarters to preview the Challenger SRT Demon 170. Brand boss Tim Kuniskis walked us through the key features and numbers of the newest supercharged muscle car; when he was done, he asked if there were any questions. As you might imagine after the reveal of a thousand-horsepower muscle car, there were plenty of questions about the Demon 170, but a few of us wondered why the teasers featured leprechauns. Kuniskis laughed and asked if we wanted the real story or the story from the marketing people. Of course, we wanted the real story… [Read more…]

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170: 1025 horsepower

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170

We knew that the seventh and final Last Call special edition car would be more than an appearance package, but the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is more performance than we expected for less money than we expected. There is loads of information to unpack on this model, but we will cut to the chase and talk about the numbers that everyone really cares about.

The 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is powered by a 6.2-liter Hemi topped by a 3.0-liter IHI supercharger. When running on E85 (85% ethanol), it makes 1,025 horsepower and 945 lb-ft of torque. Even on 93 octane pump gas (E10 ethanol), the Demon 170 will make 900 horsepower and 810 lb-ft of torque. The driver doesn’t need to do anything when changing from gasoline to ethanol blends…. [more at the original story] [Read more…]

One More Dodge Last Call Teaser Debuts, Hints at Speeds Over 140

Dodge Last Call Teaser

We thought that the teasers for the final Dodge Last Call special edition car were finished, but this afternoon, another video featuring the evil Leprechaun debuted on the brand’s YouTube channel. This one is titled “Trip Wire” and it includes another numeric teaser that is not very hard to decipher. The video begins with a … Read more

Third Dodge Last Call Teaser Video Drops More Numeric Clues

Dodge Last Call Leprechaun

The newest teaser is titled “Scream @ 215 mph” and it starts off with the angry leprechaun from the previous two videos, with glowing gold eye. A few seconds in, a hand from off-screen holds up what appears to be a handheld racing weather meter. The hand holds it up to the angry leprechaun and when he screams through it, the readout lights up with the following information: [Read more…]

Tickets for the Dodge Last Call Roadkill Event are Still Available

Roadkill Nights Vegas by Dodge

It is widely known that on March 20th, Dodge will debut the seventh and final Last Call special edition muscle car at the Roadkill Nights event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Over the course of the past week, many people have posted on social media about receiving an invitation to the event from Dodge and … Read more

Second Dodge Last Call Teaser Video Debuts with an Odd, Obvious Hint

Dodge Last Call Leprechaun

In the video, we see a leprechaun hooked to a medical drip bag that contains some yellowish liquid. The leprechaun starts the drip bag and a few seconds later, he is clearly effected by the fluid. He eyes turn red and begin to emit lightning-type electrical flow. When the lightning dissipates, a more sinister leprechaun with glowing gold eyes swaggers out of the smoke and the video ends.
This means more than one might think. [Read more…]

Dodge Introduces the First Teaser of the Final Special Edition Muscle Car

Dodge Last Call Teaser One

The new Dodge teaser is the video below, and it is just 11 seconds long. We see a creepy face fade in from the darkness during the first four seconds and as it vanishes, we hear the familiar start-up roar of a modern Hemi engine. Frankly, it sounds a whole lot like my Hellcat Challenger when it starts, but everyone who has been waiting for this last special edition car is expecting something Hellcat-based.
[Read more…]

Registration is Open for the Dodge Last Call Event in Las Vegas

Dodge Roadkill Nights Las Vegas

On March 20, 2023, the Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights event will be held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, with drag racing on The Strip. More importantly to some attendees, this event will host the world debut of the seventh and final “Last Call” special edition Dodge Challenger – which could be one … Read more

Engine Failures in Testing Delay the Special Dodge Challenger SEMA Debut

Dodge Challenger Last Call 1FAST29

The Dodge brand announced back in August at the Speed Week Muscle Announcement event that the seventh and final Last Call special edition vehicle – a Dodge Challenger of some sort – would debut at the 2022 SEMA Show. However, earlier this month, it was announced that the big debut had been pushed back to … Read more

How Dodge is Allocating the Special Edition 2023 Challenger and Charger Models

Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

Back in August and September, we brought you the news of the Dodge Challenger and Charger Last Call special edition models that were being offered for the 2023 model year. To send off the generation of these fabled muscle cars, Dodge has created a collection of heritage inspired trim packages in limited numbers, but what … Read more

Dodge Announces Paint Chip Wrap for the Modern Challenger

Dodge Challenger Paint Chip Car

When Dodge hosted the Speed Week debut events at the M1 Concourse back in August, they created a modern Paint Chip Car, based on the modern Challenger. Images of that car quickly spread across the internet and, in seeing the massive amount of interest from owners, Dodge has decided to offer this unique cross-stripe design … Read more

Black Ghost Dodge Challenger Redeye Pays Homage to a Detroit Street Racer

The 2023 Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

Today, Dodge introduced the sixth of seven Last Call models which will be offered for the 2023 Challenger and/or Charger. This time, it is the Black Ghost special edition, which is a uniquely-dressed SRT Hellcat Redeye with 807 horsepower that is designed as a tribute to a legendary Detroit street racer – who also happened … Read more

Dodge Introduces 2023 Challenger and Charger Scat Pack Swinger Models

2023 Dodge Charger and Challenger Scat Pack Swinger

This afternoon, Dodge introduced the 2023 Challenger Swinger and Charger Swinger. These new models are the 3rd and 4th vehicles to join the 2023 Last Call lineup, following the Challenger Shakedown and the Charger Super Bee. As expected, the Swinger package is mostly aesthetic, but these are fairly elaborate appearance packages, adding unique cues inside … Read more