Stellantis Hackathon isn’t as Nefarious as it Sounds

Stellantis Hackathon

Last weekend, Stellantis held the company’s first “Hackathon”, inviting college students from around the area to team up to showcase their programming skills. The name Hackathon may suggest that these students were trying to hack into the various systems, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, the teams of students used data from Stellantis vehicles, the … Read more

Challenger, Charger V8 Hybrids Could Pack Over 700hp

ZF Gen 4 8HP Transmission

On July 8th, Stellantis will hold the company’s first ever “EV Day”, and on that day, it is expected that we will get our first look at how the Dodge brand will introduce electrification. Of course, all of the other brands under the newly-formed corporate umbrella are likely to be addressed as well, but for … Read more

Addressing Rumors of the SRT Division Being Disbanded

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody -

About a week ago, there were reports from two websites –  Opposite Lock and Grassroots Motorsports – that the SRT Performance division had been disbanded under the new corporate umbrella. Neither of these reports cited any sources, so we reached out to our contacts at Stellantis for the official world. Unfortunately, that word is not … Read more