“New Dodge” for July 8 (“EV Day”)?

Dodge is expected to announce a new powertrain on July 8, with many believing there will be a battery-electric or serious-hybrid version of the Charger and Challenger on that date. The rationale is Dodge chief Tim Kuniskis’ statement that “we will have some pretty interesting stuff [on] July 8” to Muscle Cars and Trucks, on the topic of reinventing the muscle car.

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super StockOne serious gasoline-powered muscle car.

Electrification is perhaps overdue—as the easiest way to avoid buying emissions credits from Tesla. FCA did release a PHEV minivan in the United States, but sales have been fairly low. The Wrangler recently gained a “4xe” hybrid, but it only raises fuel economy to that of the traditional engine; it mainly provides superior acceleration. Then there are the Ram 1500 mild-hybrids, which have a fairly small impact compared with a full-hybrid setup, but at a low cost.

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Some have already started saying that there will be an entirely new Dodge, combining this statement with rumors of a Dodge Hornet—a compact crossover, sedan, or wagon, presumably based on the Compass or a Peugeot. The Compass platform could likely hold a 2-liter turbocharged engine, which could provide Dodge-like acceleration under the right conditions.

Finally, there is a GME-based inline turbocharged six-cylinder rumored to be in the works—but we’ll have more on that tomorrow.

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  1. We would have gotten the hybrid Pacifica but the Stow-n-go was more important than the hybrid option. I would bet that is part of the reason for the slow uptake.


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