Windsor minivan plant down

Windsor plant

The Windsor minivan plant has cancelled all production for today without giving a reason. Skilled trades and employees engaged in launching new vehicles were called in for work.

The UAW has struck a number of Stellantis parts distribution centers, which will start to impact dealers trying to get service parts and may impact factories as well. However, the company has a large inventory of minivans at dealerships, so the production stoppage might not be related to the strike.  <>Read more

Clarifying the “selling the Chrysler headquarters” rumor and plan

CTC partial blueprint

Yesterday, a rumor that Stellantis was planning to sell the Chrysler Technology Center, whose campus also houses the American headquarters, made the rounds—and turned out to be both accurate and possibly a little misleading. 

The rumor was all the more credible after Ford chose to move its engineering headquarters from Dearborn to a brand new campus in Mexico, an oddly under-reported event which though covered by the Reuters news service didn’t make many front pages. Yesterday, in the absence of official comments <>Read more

2025 Dodge Challenger powered by Hurricane engine spotted, and this isn’t it

2025 Dodge Challenger first rendering attempt

A new Dodge Challenger prototype has been spotted within the company, according to a stellpower source. Over a year ago, a different source said the “LB” body Challenger would boast a choice of Hurricane straight-six or full-electric power; a “4xe” style setup is also possible, and the Pentastar V6 could well make a comeback as a low-cost entry-level engine to keep the starting price low. Another low-end option would be the Hurricane Four. <>Read more

Jeep plant one of three strike targets

GME 2-liter turbo Wrangler built in Toledo

After years of concessions and inflation, the UAW has demanded substantial pay increases. Its original demand of a 46% increase has fallen to 30%, while automakers have proposed 20%( Ford), 18% (GM), and 17.5% (Stellantis), pleading poverty and asking the union to ignore its quite large profits from recent years. The strategy of “stand-up strikes,” … Read more

Peugeot E-3008 Could Preview American Market Stellantis EVs

Peugeot E-3008

Peugeot recently introduced the 2023 E-3008, and while that vehicle will likely never have any role in the United States market, it is based on the STLA Medium platform. We know that the STLA Medium platform will be used for vehicles sold in North America at some point, so there is a possibility that some … Read more

Introducing the 2024 Jeep Gladiator, with Very Predictable Changes

2024 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon X

The Jeep Gladiator was introduced to satisfy the demand for a Wrangler-like pickup, so it should come as little surprise that the refreshed 2024 Gladiator has the same refreshments as the 2024 Wrangler that debuted earlier this year. In the long run, the majority of the vehicle is unchanged, but there are some very impactful … Read more

Michigan Dodge Dealer Selling 2023 Hellcat Challengers Under MSRP

2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody

This year marks the end of the current generation of the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger, including the beloved SRT Hellcat models. In many places, the rush for the final examples of the current supercharged Hemi cars has led to massive dealer markups, and generally speaking, finding a 2023 Hellcat car for MSRP is a … Read more

How Bob Riggle’s Hemi Under Glass Barracuda Shaped My Automotive Life

Hurst Hemi Under Glass Plymouth Barracuda

I was 14 years old when my dad took me to my first Mopar Nationals. Growing up, we went to lots of car shows and visited local tracks, but when we walked into Indianapolis Raceway Park in August of 1993, I had never been to such a massive event. After entering the track, we made … Read more

2024 Dodge Hornet R/T and R/T Plus – The Key Differences

2024 Dodge Hornet R/T Plus

The Dodge Hornet R/T is the brand’s first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) while also being the brand’s first compact SUV in more than a decade. With the governmental push for electrified vehicles, the Hornet R/T fills a key role for the Dodge brand in that area, but more importantly, the compact SUV segment is … Read more