Flashback Friday: The 2035 SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo

The SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo

Back in 2013, 2014 and 2015, Sony worked with a handful of automakers to create 17 unique-and-futuristic cars for the racing game Gran Turismo 6. That program asked the automakers to create a car that featured the most advanced technology that the teams could imagine to create futuristic cars in a virtual world, where gamers … Read more

Jeep, STLA design offices get new leaders

2022 Chrysler Airflow concept

Stellantis announced three new leaders in its design offices, two at Jeep and one heading the global user experience. Ralph Gilles, the company’s chief design officer, is remaining in his post. Vince Galante has been appointed vice president of Jeep® exterior design; he joined what became Stellantis in 2005, rising through the ranks and working … Read more

Chrysler may have no cars in production for a while; what is Chrysler’s future?

Feuell and white airflow

Chrysler-the-marque may end up with no cars in current production due to factory scheduling, for what may be the first time in its history (not counting ordinary factory model-year changeovers).

The 300 appears to be the first on the schedule to end production as Brampton shuts down for an extensive changeover. Then the Pacifica will cease production as its plant in Windsor closes for its own changeover. Windsor is one of the most recently renovated plants in the company’s portfolio, having shifted to a modern ergonomic assembly line system for the Pacifica. (Sterling Heights and Detroit/Mack Complex were converted afterwards.) [Read more…]

Tonale EPA tests done, official mpg figures and electric range released

Tonale badge

The Alfa Romeo Tonale, which is on its way to dealerships now, has completed EPA gas mileage testing for an estimated all-electric range of 33 miles, and a 77 MPGe rating. With a full battery charge and gasoline in the tank, the Tonale can run 360 miles; combined city/highway fuel economy as a hybrid is 29 mpg. It is billed as the most efficient plug-in hybrid C-sized SUV in its class.  [Read more…]

STLA partner opens French battery plant

2022 Fiat 500 electric (BEV)

STLA partner First Automotive Cells (ACC) has opened up the first of its three planned European battery plants in France.  The line will produce 13 gigawatt-hours initially, rising to 40 by 2030. ACC was founded by Stellantis and TotalEnergies/Saft three years ago; Mercedes joined the group last year. Stellantis sells 24 battery-electric vehicles in Europe, … Read more

STLA V2X/EVAS system in 1.8 million cars, inspired by employee, created via Star*Up


To help create a culture of innovation, Stellantis created the Star*Up program, where employees presented their ideas. A hearing-impaired worker who was not named provided the idea for visual hazard notices, according to Automotive News, which resulted in Stellantis’ participation in the HAAS Alert System. The idea was presented in 2021 and pushed into production far … Read more

STLA investing in lithium-sulfur battery which avoids nickel, cobalt, manganese

methane to graphene

Lyten’s batteries do not use nickel, cobalt, or manganese, slashing their carbon footprint to 60% of today’s best-in-class vehicle batteries. Raw materials for Lithium-Sulfur batteries can be sourced and produced in North America or Europe, avoiding supply chain disruptions. They also have the potential of doubling the energy density of current lithium-ion systems; and their new sensing modes do not require chips, batteries, or wires. [Read more…]

Rapid Transit System Cuda, Black Ghost Challenger Lead 2023 Mecum Indy Auction

1970 Plymouth Cuda Rapid Transit System Show Car

This past weekend, the 2023 Mecum Indy Auction included a long list of incredible Mopar collectible vehicles. Two unusually special classic muscle cars rolled across the stage – the 1970 Plymouth Cuda Rapid Transit System Show Car and the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE known as The Black Ghost.

The RTS Cuda ended up being the top seller at Mecum Indy and the Black Ghost car ranked third, with a modern Ford GT Heritage Edition car sneaking into the second spot.

If you are not familiar with these two classic Mopar muscle cars, here is a quick rundown on both, along with video footage of the Mecum Auction action. [Read more…]

Recall Monday tags Mopars, Minis, more

2015 jeep cherokee

Recall Monday—the day when NHTSA releases its list of recalls from the prior week—shows two Mopar recalls, one of which we have already covered (electrical shorts in 2014-16 Jeep Cherokees resulting in a “park outside” warning) due to its urgency. The second Stellantis recall for the week is almost trivial, a missing airbag warning label on 2022-23 Grand Cherokees. The fix for this one is adding a label, which cannot be done via over-the-air updates.

BMW’s Mini made the list with possible short-circuits in the footwell control module, affecting 2007-13 Mini Cooper, Cooper S, and JCW, and 2008-14 Cooper Clubman.
[Read more…]

Durango deals hit $3,250—except on hi-po lines

2023 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat Lineup

Dodge is discounting Durangos, which are still available with a gasoline-driven V6 and Hemi V8 engines. The Dodge web site shows two Durango offers, either $3,250 in cash back or a $419/month three-year lease ($5,059 due up front and not including tax).

The cash back is a trifle deceptive, since it includes $750 from Chrysler Capital, which suggests that if you pay cash or get a credit union loan, it won’t apply; but the $2,500 portion is a national cash rebate. [Read more…]

Canada-Chrysler conflict clearer as Ford devotes more cash to plant

2023 Jeep Cherokee BEV

Earlier this week, Stellantis issued a statement regarding a joint-venture battery plant under construction in Windsor, Ontario in which they claimed that “the Canadian Government has not delivered on what was agreed to.” The company then stopped construction on the battery module portion of the new plant.

Just exactly what Canada was not providing was unclear. A day later, Stellantis issued a new statement, claiming that “Stellantis and LG Energy Solution simply ask that the Canadian government keep its commitments in relation to what was agreed last February…” [Read more…]

New Tacoma’s threat to Gladiator, future Dakota

toyota tacoma

Jeep has staked out a unique niche in the midsize pickup market, good enough for a #3 share in 2022—with 77,855 sales, most likely exceeding Jeep’s original expectations. That is not likely to remain Mopar’s only midsize pickup, though; a new Dakota or Ram 1200 has long been rumored to be under active development for global sale.

The new pickup would most likely replace the Mitsubishi L200-based Ram 1200, which was never sold in the United States or Canada. As such, its primary competition in North America would likely be the Toyota Tacoma, which had 237,323 sales in 2022—absolutely dominating the market, with the #2 Chevrolet Colorado only reaching 89,197 sales (adding  the GMC Canyon version brings that to 117,016, which is still less than half the Tacoma). [Read more…]