Recall Monday: Wrangler and other companies


The Wrangler 4xe recall last week, which got perhaps more attention than it deserved (as only 1% of the vehicles actually have the flaw), grabbed headlines; but today’s list of recalls from the NHTSA is remarkably short, excluding as we always do commercial and recreational vehicles.The worst recall belongs to Land Rover’s 2023 Defender, with … Read more

Recall Monday dominated by Mercedes, with windows falling out

recalls (generated for Mercedes windows falling out)

Mercedes is dominating the week’s recalls—and Stellantis is absent from it. The main issue is a missing brake inspection gauge on a variety of 2019-21 Mercedes models, along with a sunroof that may close unexpectedly in the 2020 GLS580.

Finally, finishing a rough recall week for the Germany maker, the 2024 GLC300 may have windows come out… Read more

Luxury Wagoneer has its third recall

Wagoneer rear vent-seat screen

Around 100,000 2022-24 Wagoneers have apparently been made so far—if this recall is any indication. The vehicles may have third row seat belt buckles which “may not allow occupants to properly access or fasten the seat belt to the buckle.” The fix is replacing the third row seat belt buckle.Only around 1% of vehicles have … Read more

Rollaway Fords, rupturing GM airbags, Mercedes and VW problems: Recall Monday Wrap


The NHTSA has issued their weekly listing of recalls; this week was fairly light on the passenger-car front, only affecting GM, Ford, Volkswagen, and Mercedes. Stellantis/FCA US did not have any new recalls in the past week.GM had possible ruptures in roof rail airbags in the 2014 Cruze/Verano small cars. Ford had yet another vehicle … Read more

2022-24 Rams not looking back, and other recalls

2023 Ram 2500 Rebel HD

A software glitch has left roughly 300,000 Rams—an odd mix of Ram 1500s (2022-23),  light-GVWR Ram 3500 chassis cabs (2022-23), and Ram 2500s (2022-24)—without the rear view image displaying when in Reverse. The fix is simply a software update, which must be done at the dealership. The Ram 3500s affected are only chassis cabs with … Read more

Hornet/Tonale and Ford fires and other recalls

Ford on fire recalls

There was a single Stellantis recall this past week, for loose battery cables which can cause fires in the 2023-24 Hornet and Tonale. Fewer than 5,000 vehicles were involved, all plug-in hybrids; the 12-volt battery positive cable and/or high voltage connector may be loose, causing fires while parked.In other recalls, 2024 BMW crossover knee airbags … Read more

Ford trucks breaking axle shafts, and other mainly-Ford, non-Mopar recalls

2023 Ford display with Tremor, Transit

Ford is recalling its 2023 “Super Duty” F-250 and F-350 pickups because the left rear axle shaft may break, which can cause loss of power or vehicle rollaway. The recall affects 41,555 trucks in the US. Ford is also recalling the 2023 Edge because the right-side headlight is too bright; and the 2023 Explorer because the turbo oil line may be damaged. Ah, one more Ford recall: various Ford and Lincoln vehicles from 2018 to 2023 (Navigator, Aviator, Transit, Bronco) may lose their rear view camera image. Read more

Recall Monday: BMW chimes, STLA quiet


Stellantis had no entries in this past week’s recall list, though a massive investigation last week may come back to haunt them. In the meantime, recalls ran the gamut from engine failures in the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas to BMWs which stay silent rather than chiming when the driver fails to attach their seat belts—a problem … Read more

Recall Monday: four different Jeeps, Isuzu Chevys, and more

wrangler breakover

Four different Jeeps had recalls this past week, along with the usual gathering of competitors. The most interesting competitor recall was probably a range of 2023-24 Isuzu N-Series, along with “Isuzu Chevrolet” LCF models.Over at Jeep, just 16 2023 Wranglers were affected by incorrect spare tire carriers which blocked the third brake lights. These were … Read more

Ford goes traditional for Recall Monday; but it’s mostly trucks

Ford Bronco

Recall Monday brings us another week of recalls. We headlined the Jeep Wagoneer recall for trim which can interfere with airbags; this should usually be a quick, simple fix for the dealers. Ford, on the other hand, went truly traditional (for Ford) with yet another rollaway recall. The 2023 Ford Bronco may have an unsecured transmission, which can prevent the Park pawl from engaging. The fix is a new transmission… Read more

Jeep Wagoneer recall and a Million Ram investigation

Jeep's Jim Morrison and Wagoneer

The Wagoneer’s first recall covers an issue with the upper B-pillar interior trim, which, if it was not seated properly, could interfere with side airbag deployment. This affects 2022-23 Wagoneers and Grand Wagoneers made through to June 7, 2022, when the vehicle assembly process was changed.  The component was made by Century Plastics, but the problem is an assembly issue. The dealer will inspect the interior trim pieces, replace any that are loose or broken, and reseat them if needed.  Read more