Recall Monday tags Mopars, Minis, more

2015 jeep cherokee

Recall Monday—the day when NHTSA releases its list of recalls from the prior week—shows two Mopar recalls, one of which we have already covered (electrical shorts in 2014-16 Jeep Cherokees resulting in a “park outside” warning) due to its urgency. The second Stellantis recall for the week is almost trivial, a missing airbag warning label on 2022-23 Grand Cherokees. The fix for this one is adding a label, which cannot be done via over-the-air updates.

BMW’s Mini made the list with possible short-circuits in the footwell control module, affecting 2007-13 Mini Cooper, Cooper S, and JCW, and 2008-14 Cooper Clubman.
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Recall Monday hits Explorer, German companies; no Mopars; and the end of Maserati V8s

This week was a busy one for the NHTSA. The 2020-22 Ford Explorer had two recalls, one on an “incomplete” computer update that could result in cars rolling away; and one on rear view images not showing up. Land Rover had a recall for the storage compartment latch failing on the 2022-23 Range Rover and 2023 Range Rover Sport, and 2022-23 Ferrari 296 fuel pipes may leak. GM recalled the 2014-17 Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, and GMC Acadia because the driver’s airbag inflator may explode.

By far, though, German automakers had the most recalls for the month. [Read more…]

Recall Monday: VW in the spotlight, Mopar in the clear

exploding seat belt pretensioner

There were no “Mopar” recalls again this week, but Volkswagen had a particularly bad time with front camera heaters overheating on 2020 Q7s, surprise-opening doors on 2023 the ID 4, breaking fuel pumps on the 2022 Taos, and inoperative airbags on the 2018-21 Atlas.

Tesla recalled the 2018-19 Model 3 for separating front suspension links, and Kia is fixing 2022-23 Carnival minivans whose power sliding doors may not stop for occupants. Oh, and the 2023 Hyundai  Genesis G90’s seat belt pretensioners may explode (see robot’s rendering). 

What’s left? 2019…
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Jeep frames with an extra stud, Honda mirrors falling off: Recall Monday

camp jeep wrangler breakover test

Jeep made Wrangler frames with an extra stud, requiring a big recall to avoid ruptured fuel tanks—but first, the other embarrassing gaffes from around the globe:

Honda managed to put on side-view mirrors that may “detach,” on 2020-21 Pilots and Ridgelines, and 2020-22 Odysseys and Passports (oh, and the speedometer cable—remember those?—may be “incorrectly routed” on ’22 NVA110B motorcycles). Nissan put the wrong door latches onto 2022 QX50s and 2023 QX55s. Volvo has a “false warning message” on the emergency call system for most 2023s.  [Read more…]

Recall Monday: gauge lights, cameras, and at Hyundai/Genesis, exploding seat belts

exploding seat belt pretensioner

Late 2022 Jeep Compasses, made from May 12, 2022 to August 8, were made with no way to make the gauge cluster bright enough during some lighting conditions. This is not so much a defect as a design issue; as a result, starting by the end of March, Jeep will start adding a light sensor module and wiring jumper, and replacing the windshield and headlamp switches, so the display backlighting will be able to handle ambient lighting.

The second Mopar recall of the week is lack of rear-view images in 2021-23 Ram Ram 1500 and 2500 pickups…. [Read more…]

Recall Monday: Ford fires, slipping; Ram’s revised recall

2022 Ford Mustang

The weekly summary of NHTSA recalls brings up Ram’s engine compartment fires, a low-probability but high-damage event caused by bad intake heater grids; Ram announced this last week. It affects 2021-23 Ram pickups and chassis cabs with Cummins diesel engines only—no gasoline engines are affected.

It also brought up some Ford recalls eerily reminiscent of times passed—a combination of rollaway and fuel tank fires which may remind some of the time Tauruses were slipping into Reverse even as Pinto fires were in the news. In this case, it’s the 2023 Ford Transit with poorly welded fuel tanks, compared with two rollaway recalls—one in the 2020-22 Ford Explorer, caused by a computer flaw; and one in the 2022-23 Bronco, Explorer, F-150, Mustang, and Lincoln Aviator (in short, the company’s hottest vehicles and a Lincoln) where a loose bolt in the transmission may let the vehicle just roll away…. [Read more…]

Cummins-based Rams recalled for intake heater grids

2017 Ram 2500 with Cummins diesel

Last year, Ram recalled 2021-2022 pickups and chassis cabs powered by Cummins diesel engines  because the intake heater grid relay on some trucks may overheat and cause a fire. To date, there has been no injuries or crashes; however, now the company reports that there have been six possibly-related fires. Ram has advised owners to … Read more

Recall Monday: move over STLA, Jaguar’s hot this week

Detroit Complex - Mack rendering

Stellantis failed to have any American recalls over the past week, but Jaguar Land Rover has the recall scene covered. The Range Rover PHEVs are both being recalled because their pedestrian warning sound isn’t good enough; so is the Jaguar I-Pace (2021-22).  In the ICE end, 2023 Defender, Discovery, Ranger Rover, Range Rover Sport, and … Read more

Pacifica PHEV “stalling” recall and stop-sale

2018 Pacifica PHEV

An “unexpected engine shutdown can cause a loss of drive power” in the 2017-23 Pacifica PHEV—or, in the vernacular of pre-hybrid days, the minivans can stall out. The recall does not affect the gasoline-only minivans, only the plug-in hybrids; and only 0.2% of PHEVs have actually experienced the problem. laThe recall affects 67,217 vehicles in the US … Read more

STLA’s recall performance for 2022 vs the oddly high Ford and Tesla

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released its list of 2022 recalls. Overall, there were 390 recalls, including trucks and trailers. Ford topped the list by a huge margin, with 65 recalls, including the company’s trademark fire-hazard recalls. In fairness, Ford had four major launches—the Bronco, Bronco Sport and Escape, and Mustang and F-150 … Read more