Bob Hubbach

bob hubbach

Bob Hubbach, Chrysler’s design manager from 1967 to 2001, passed away on the night of May 14 while in hospice. Hubbach was a co-designer of the highly successful Valiant Charger, Australia’s famed “Hemi Six” powered successor to the Valiant Pacer. This car set a long-standing Australian speed record with its 265 cubic inch inline six, …

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Windsor, Brampton rescued! Stellantis investing in Canadian plants (updated)

Brampton - final Dodge Demon

Not only is Stellantis going to keep the Windsor and Brampton plants in Canada open—the company is investing $2.5 billion in enabling EV production and building a pair of R&D centers in the country. Canada has long given Chrysler a higher market share than any other country, including the United States, which is Chrysler’s birthplace …

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Stellantis Hackathon isn’t as Nefarious as it Sounds

Stellantis Hackathon

Last weekend, Stellantis held the company’s first “Hackathon”, inviting college students from around the area to team up to showcase their programming skills. The name Hackathon may suggest that these students were trying to hack into the various systems, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, the teams of students used data from Stellantis vehicles, the …

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Exit Cherokee, enter Airflow: timing, Chrysler Future, and the KN

Feuell and Airflow

The current version of the Jeep Cherokee is near the end of a normal car’s lifespan—though, to be fair, it is not quite as long in the tooth as the still-surprisingly-competitive Charger and Challenger. Meanwhile, the Chrysler Airflow, whatever its final name ends up being, is getting closer to actual production. The Airflow is likely …

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Diving into Windsor’s Stellantis-LG battery plant

2022 Chrysler Airflow concept

Automotive News’ Grace Macaluso has just posted details on the new battery plant arriving in a vacant lot in Windsor, Canada. The plant will cost $4 billion, and produce 45gWh of battery cells and modules per year for FCA US factories in both the United States and Canada. The plant is supported by funding and/or …

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NY Auto Show: the Stellpower wrap (and Wagoneer pictorial)

On media days, it’s hard to know what an auto show will bring the paying customers. The New York Auto Show has opened to the general public, but their web site says it’s too early to show an exhibitor map, and the printed one we were given on media days is probably not accurate (for …

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Chrysler Airflow impressions

copper trim

Even before the new Airflow was shown, New York Auto Show media saw this Chrysler Pacifica PHEV with a new logo projected onto the drapes behind it (we’ve artificially lowered them to be closer to the minivan). The new logo appears to be taken from the hoodline and a bit of the headlights, combined with …

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Airflow is not just a car: new logo, “startup” mentality promised

airflow badge in rear

The Chrysler Airflow concept is old news now; the electric crossover was shown at the Consumer Electronics Show and made the papers a while back. But today, a new Graphite Airflow concept added to the story—mostly in ways that aren’t related to the car itself (whose details you can find in our original story). The …

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Alfa, Jeep launches at New York Auto Show—and maybe a new Chrysler logo

Tomorrow holds several New York Auto Show unveilings, including two which have been officially confirmed. The most recent confirmation was for the Alfa Romeo Tonale, which uses the Renegade/Compass platform with a special suspension and two powertrains, one of which has up to 272 horsepower or 30 miles of pure-electric range. Update: here is our …

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New York may hold a more production-intent Chrysler Airflow, and what that means for Cherokee

The Chrysler Airflow is an ironic name to bring back, since releasing the state-of-the-art car in 1934 was disastrous for the company and the brand. The original Airflow was revolutionary in many ways, but it bombed in the market.

But what of the new Airflow? It is expected to have black paint with dark bronze accents and interior changes to make it more of a production-intent vehicle. This includes changes to the steering wheel and rear seats. The new concept will be shown on April 13 at 11:45 am. The actual release may come in the early morning of the 13th with the unveiling to follow at the show. Stellpower will be covering the event in person.

What this means for the Cherokee…

Stellantis Announces 10th Drive for Design Contest

2022 Drive for Design

The Stellantis Product Design Office is celebrating 10 years of their innovative Drive for Design Contest, which gives high school students who are interested in vehicle design a chance to spend time with the head designers from the automaker. The modern version of this contest was started ten years ago by company design mastermind Mark …

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Has Pacifica demand increased?

While demand for the Chrysler Pacifica seems to have been lower than it should be, partly due to hotter competition from both Toyota and Kia, it seems demand may be rising. According to Unifor, which sent a message to union members, the second shift will continue on through the second quarter of 2022.