Dodge’s inner child, Chrysler’s autism link, and GM’s Q1 sales

Dodge is starting a new marketing campaign for the Hornet R/T, proclaiming the importance of torque by using a man explaining engine power measurements to his inner child.

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Meanwhile, Chrysler is marking the first year of its partnership with the Autism Society of America, to support autistic drivers. Insert jokes here.

Meanwhile, GM reported a hefty increase in retail sales for the first quarter of 2024—a 6% gain. Fleet sales, however, dropped, so that overall sales of 594,233 for the first quarter were 1.5% lower than in Q1 2023. GM said that all brands were doing well. Toyota and Honda both announced double-digit gains, while Tesla sales fell by 8.5% due to competition and, according to Automotive News, to customer reactions to Elon Musk’s antics. Stellantis sales are expected later today or early tomorrow.

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