Does GM’s BrightDrop threaten ProMaster BEV?

2021 Fiat e-Ducato

While most automakers are using existing brands for electric vehicles, GM has taken created not one but two new brands—Hummer, which was brought back from the dead, and BrightDrop. Chevrolet is still making battery-electrics, too, including a forthcoming pickup with impressive specs and a dull name. BrightDrop is GM’s new brand for electric light commercial …

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Chrysler’s future, from its CEO

Erick Lawrence of the Detroit Free Press, or Freep as it’s commonly known, recently did an interview with Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell. She referred to a future expansion or revitalization of the brand, which dates back to 1924. The original Chrysler car was built off pioneering work by Frederick Zeder, Owen Skelton, and Carl Breer …

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Mopar adds WiFi-capable hybrid chargers for 4xe, PHEV

BEV charger

Mopar is now selling WiFi-capable 240-volt chargers for owners of Jeep® 4xe vehicles and the Chrysler Pacifica PHEV; available in plug-in or hardwired versions, they can provide a full charge in a little over two hours, around six times faster than 120V chargers. Adding WiFi gives owners the ability to monitor and control charging via …

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2024 Charger sneak peek? (Updated)

2024 Dodge Charger rendering

During Stellantis’ electric car information day, faint line drawings of a Charger and a Ram were shown. We don’t know if these represent actual prototypes or CATIA diagrams, or just artists’ renditions; but if one takes the rear view of the Charger and connects some dots, artist YBNormyl suggests, one can come up with something …

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Will the Dodge Demon Get Direct Connection Support and Beat 900 hp?

Brampton - final Dodge Demon

We have talked a great deal about the return of the Dodge Direct Connection program, which includes high performance upgrade packages for the Challenger Hellcat and Redeye. The “standard” Hellcat has two package options (Pre-stage, Stage 1) which lead to 757 horsepower, while the Redeye also has a Stage 2, lifting the output to 885 …

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Long wheelbase Wagoneer? Wagoneer V6?

Before the Jeep Wagoneer was released, some believed that the Grand Wagoneer would not simply be a higher-trim version with a much bigger engine, but that it would be longer, as well. That would fit the tradition of Grand Caravans, Grand Voyagers, Grand Cherokees, and, of course, Grand Wagoneers (though the last one was complicated—see …

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