How Bob Riggle’s Hemi Under Glass Barracuda Shaped My Automotive Life

Hurst Hemi Under Glass Plymouth Barracuda

I was 14 years old when my dad took me to my first Mopar Nationals. Growing up, we went to lots of car shows and visited local tracks, but when we walked into Indianapolis Raceway Park in August of 1993, I had never been to such a massive event. After entering the track, we made … Read more

Team Dodge Drivers Hagan, Pruett Poised for the NHRA Championship Run

Team Dodge Drivers

Matt Hagan and his Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat funny car are currently in the second spot in the battle for the 2023 NHRA Camping World Funny Car Championship while Leah Pruett and her Dodge//SRT Direct Connection Top Fuel dragster are in the fourth spot in their championship race. There are really only two points in … Read more

Mopars flunked Mozilla’s car privacy test (and so did others): Here’s the down-and-dirty and what it all means

UConnect 12 screen

Automakers including Stellantis have been rebuilding their in-car platforms using Google software. That might be one reason why so many are flunking Mozilla’s privacy test; indeed, nobody passed it.

Automakers “can collect deeply personal data such as sexual activity, immigration status, race, facial expressions, weight, health and genetic information, and where you drive,” with microphones, cameras, phones, and sensors in the car, as well as their car apps, web sites, and dealership systems. They combine the data to make inferences about buyer traits. None appear to use encryption in the car to keep this data safe. <>Read more

Electrification, hybrid-electric, and the future of Mopar performance

Ram 1500 REV frunk open

Analysis. The industry is steadily moving towards electrification and full electric (via batteries or hydrogen fuel cells) to help with emissions and fuel economy. While there are many advantages, many in the buying public have vociferously objected—and do so again whenever any article so much as mentions electric cars or, in some cases, hybrids… <>Read more

UConnect adding new functions for ’24

UConnect 12 screen

UConnect (or “Maserati Intelligent Assistant”) is adding some new features in the 2024s. Hybrid-electric (and future battery-electric) vehicles have dynamic range mapping which, when the navigation system is used, can predict range on particular roads with existing traffic. It provides alerts if recharging will be needed and shows available stations. Charging schedules can be managed … Read more

Not spotty cars: SPOTiCAR to sell used cars at US dealers

spoticar not spottycar

Stellantis’ “pre-owned” vehicle program for all FCA US brands but Maserati is launching in the United States. It’s a European import, created in 2019, and now available in eleven countries. Of note, the marques included are “Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep®, Ram,” and—“Wagoneer by Jeep.” SPOTiCAR “brings together the approved used vehicles of official … Read more

STLA Medium’s role in North America

2022 Jeep Compass

Speculation. Recently, I argued that the North American arm of Stellantis could be successful using STLA Large and Frame for just about all its vehicles; and we know that most of STLA Small is destined for lands outside of North America. That still leaves us with the STLA Medium platform/architecture, which is likely to spawn the next-generation Compass. … <>Read more

Used, rebuilt parts coming to USA Mopar dealers (updated)

Dodge Upgraded Driveline

Part of Stellantis’ vision for the future is to make more money from the entire lifecycle of a car, which includes older cars whose owners do not want to pay for expensive new OEM parts. The solution, announced last year as part of the “circular economy,” is both environmentally friendly and economical for owners: selling used and rebuilt parts under the B-Parts Reuse brand… <>Read more

Canada, USA: two very different union negotiations

Windsor plant

Stellantis just released a joint statement with the Canadian union Unifor which focused on how the two are working together to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement, using creative solutions. Earlier this week, UAW leaders expressed a more confrontational approach, and notably did not publicly shake hands with Stellantis leaders. … <>Read more

Answered questions about bproauto (updated)


Earlier today, Mopar announced a new line of auto parts for a wide variety of cars and trucks, including those not made by Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, or Ram. 

Within a minute of posting the story, we had an inquiry from reader Geoff, who asked, quite reasonably, if these were only available via dealerships. Since some dealers have been borderline-rapacious with their pricing, in some cases charging multiples of the list price, while others offer 25% off list, selling only through dealers would have interesting results. What’s more, most owners of, say, Chevrolets or Toyotas would be rather unlikely to go to a Ram dealership to get replacement parts…. <>Read more

bproauto aims at more than STLA cars and trucks


Years ago, Mopar announced that it would be selling parts for other companies’ cars. The idea made sense but perhaps didn’t go as far as it could, because many people associate Mopar exclusively with the former Chrysler Corporation.

The result is likely today’s announcement of a new bproauto® aftermarket parts brand for  high-quality replacement parts at a competitive price. The brand has apparently already been used for decades in Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

<>Read more

Francois Castaing’s passing closes an era more firmly

Francois Castaing

ne of the men most responsible for the turnaround was Francois Castaing, head of engineering at AMC, who after 1989 quickly became head of engineering at Chrysler. He had led pioneering work at the “always #4” automaker, surpassing bigger companies in innovation with a comparatively tiny team. He was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 2010. 

Castaing was one of the driving forces behind the Dodge Viper, and then behind the new engineering methods which resulted in far lower development costs, far faster concept-to-market times, and far higher critical acclaim for every car in every class. He kept pushing for new innovations in every arena, while remaining largely unheralded by the outside world. His alleged imaginative ways of dealing with budgetary restrictions, which took away obstacles from his engineers, were reportedly not appreciated by German executives, though. <>Read more

Introducing the Limited Edition Mopar ‘23 Challenger and Charger (Updated)

Mopar 23 Challenger and Charger

The 2023 model year is packed full of limited edition models as the Dodge brand says goodbye to the current generation of the Challenger and Charger, and the folks from Mopar are getting in on the action as well. Starting back in 2010, Mopar has offered a uniquely branded-and-outfitted vehicle almost every year since then … Read more