Tim Kuniskis is Retiring from Stellantis

Tim Kuniskis

Most of our articles about executive changes don’t get much attention, but this morning, Stellantis issued a press release that is certain to rock the automotive world of many members of the Brotherhood of Muscle – as it has been announced that Tim Kuniskis is retiring from Stellantis. Kuniskis will retire on June 1st, 2024, … Read more

New engine in development for heavy duty Rams

New inclined six for trucks

According to rumors in Auburn Hills, a second engine is planned for these trucks. It, too, would be an inline six-cylinder, but engineered specifically for truck engines. The new engine is rumored to be larger—3.7 liters—and to have a more traditional design, other than an odd 30° tilt. A source within Engineering told us that it was tilted over to make room for accessories on the side so that it could fit into smaller engine bays; and to provide space for a better air path, increasing its efficiency.

Mopars at auto shows (with videos), revisited

Chevrolet display

Video coverage of this year’s 2024 New York Auto Show, as well as coverage of the few Mopars to be found there, brought up memories of past shows. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbL40nww9iM[/embedyt] Camp Jeep is a relatively new phenomenon, and it’s gotten progressively more elaborate over the years; when it started out, admittedly, it was already a … Read more

Mopars at the 2024 New York Auto Show

Overland Park Gladiator

Camp Jeep sat outside the New York Auto Show [see story/video], displaying a good range of Jeeps, but what about the show itself? Officially, Stellantis had no presence; but other exhibitors brought some Mopars in, and here they are…. with a brief video! First, when we come in, we see this Emergency Safety Solutions Jeep, … Read more

California lets Stellantis into the deal; 4xe restrictions to end

2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe

FCA US will have a bit more flexibility in meeting emissions targets over the next few years after having reached an agreement with the California Air Resources Board. Part of the deal is being carbon-net-zero by 2038, which is 14 years away. Stellantis pledged to expand its commitment to electrification through educational efforts, collaborating with … Read more

A few Mopar recalls during Charger Week

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee (and L)

While the week’s reporting was dominated by the release of the Dodge Charger, Stellantis did have a few recalls as well. The 2022-23 Ram ProMaster could fail to warn drivers when the seat belt was unlocked, affecting around 30,000 vans—not all of them. High beams might not activate on 2023-24 Grand Cherokees (including L)—a recall … Read more

Mopars may not support next-gen Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

Apple will be launching a more fully-featured version of CarPlay later this year, letting owners use climate control, rear view cameras, and tire pressure gauges without leaving the system; it will also include charging status for EVs. There are other features as well, such as turn-by-turn directions in the gauge cluster. Support for CarPlay, as … Read more

Two Mopar marques fare well in JD Power Dependability (Toyota, GM on top)

2024 J.D. Power dependability study

The good news: Two Mopar marques were rated as above average in the J.D. Power 2024 Dependability Study, which looks at problems per vehicle after three years of ownership. It is a better test of quality than the initial quality study, which only looks at around 90 days and is more heavily influenced by dealer and factory preparation.

The bad news: Chrysler was the absolute worst brand on the list, coming in even below Land Rover and Tesla; though the study covers the first year of the Pacifica PHEV, which had a rough launch. Ram came in below average, but still beat fellow truck sellers GMC and Ford.

BurgerCuda: Plymouth touring the country for McDonald’s

Burgercuda front (Barracuda)

McDonald’s made a brave choice when they adopted a Plymouth Barracuda, rather than the default choice of a Mustang, for the Hamburglar to drive across America.

The relatively rare Barracuda, with a Shaker hood and cheeseburger-themed spare tire, was worked over by Sean Smith Designs much more tastefully than most custom jobs. As a getaway car, it’s probably not quite as useful as a Plymouth Road Runner would have been, but it’s also far more muscular-looking than a Mustang.

A national Chrysler club closes its doors


The National Chrysler Products Club (NCPC), created in 1979, is closing down in 2024, on its 45th anniversary. The club was reportedly split from the Walter. P. Chrysler Club, which continues to be active. Despite its name, the NCPC was mainly active in three states—Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, rotating its annual shows mainly between … Read more

Ticket Sales to Race with the Legion of Demons End This Weekend

If you have any Mopar product and you want to go racing with a group of the quickest and fastest Mopars on Earth, you only have a few more days to buy tickets to register for the Legion of Demons in January. What started in 2019 as an event specifically for 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT … Read more