A national Chrysler club closes its doors

The National Chrysler Products Club (NCPC), created in 1979, is closing down in 2024, on its 45th anniversary. The club was reportedly split from the Walter. P. Chrysler Club, which continues to be active.


Despite its name, the NCPC was mainly active in three states—Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, rotating its annual shows mainly between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The annual shows were quite successful, attracting over a hundred Mopars from the region; as with other clubs, they were part of a multi-day series of events to attract people from far-off lands.  Their shows, while open to modern Mopars, also attracted vintage Chryslers (see a 2011 Allpar writeup and a 2014 Allpar writeup). The club also had a regularly published magazine with a glossy color cover.

Other car clubs have reported declining membership and difficulty in finding volunteers for leadership positions, as well. The Plymouth Owners Club, Dodge Brothers Club, and other more specialized Mopar clubs are still around, along with, as noted earlier, the W.P. Chrysler Club. Europeans may be more interested in the European Chrysler club, which is celebrating Chrysler’s hundredth anniversary.

An NCPC representative said refunds were being sent out to anyone who paid their dues recently.

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