Diving into Windsor’s Stellantis-LG battery plant

2022 Chrysler Airflow concept

Automotive News’ Grace Macaluso has just posted details on the new battery plant arriving in a vacant lot in Windsor, Canada. The plant will cost $4 billion, and produce 45gWh of battery cells and modules per year for FCA US factories in both the United States and Canada. The plant is supported by funding and/or …

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More info: Mopar’s new Hurricane Six

Mopar twin turbo inline six: Hurricane engine

On Friday, Stellantis unexpectedly revealed its new Hurricane Six, after it was accidentally revealed to the public yesterday, fittingly by an Allpar reader. Stellpower followed quickly with a story to confirm the existence of an engine I have written about for at least five years. The Hurricane will be the primary gasoline engine for STLA …

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Stellantis patented single-casting head-and-turbo: what it means

integrated head and turbocharger

FCA US, a/k/a Ma Mopar, has recently patented a casting which includes both the cylinder head and turbocharger body. 

The turbocharger itself would be serviced by replacing the internal parts as a cartridge, so turbocharger failure would not require replacing the head (or heads, on a V-engine).

Kokomo is pumping out 2.0 turbos

Wrangler 4xe system

… the Kokomo Engine Plant, which has been repurposed and renamed from making transmissions, has officially started production. Indeed, the plant has actually been churning out engines since late February, according to Stellantis—as quoted by the Kokomo Tribune.

Hellcat or BEV? Readers’ choice—you pick!

Dodge EV Day

Mopar has tuned and developed its Hemi V8s into an unprecedented powerhouse with the Hellcat engine series. The fire-breathing, supercharged V8 engines are the gasoline powerplants to beat. They drink a lot of fuel, though not nearly as much as far tamer muscle cars of the past (or big trucks), and can be customized to …

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Is “Tornado” inline six coming to New York?


Years ago, Allpar broke the news of a new inline six-cylinder planned for trucks and coded “Tornado,” after the plane—though there was a Jeep Tornado engine. Nobody at Stellantis has gone on record about the new straight-six engine until very recently, though the turbocharged “Tornado” six was briefly listed in the company’s list of plants. As Stellpower …

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2.4 oil-drinking fix has spread to Dodge, other years

2.4 liter engine oil drinking

Some people found that their 2.4 liter engines were drinking oil, but most of the engines had no problems, which presented a puzzle. The people in Auburn Hills worked on the problem, and discovered that the problem was not physical, but caused by a programming issue where, when fuel is cut to the engine (as …

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Turbocharged Hellcat Charger Makes 1422 Rear Wheel Horsepower

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

While the American automakers are turning most of their attention to electric vehicles, the aftermarket tuning world for vehicles like the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat are as strong as ever. Over the past few years, I have talked about many modern Mopar tuning shops, one of which is Satera Tuning in Illinois. Jeremy Satera has …

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GM to emergency-charge BEVs without diesel

BEV skateboard design for Chrysler Airflow

For years, Toyota has been talking about its plans to make hydrogen fuel-cell cars and, more recently, fuel-cell ships and commercial trucks (big rigs). General Motors has been working on similar lines, and recently announced a new “Hydrotec” line of hydrogen fuel cell products for a wide variety of purposes. The benefits of hydrogen are …

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