How the Ram 1500 Hurricane Engine Compares to the Competition

2025 Ram 1500 Tungsten

The 2025 Ram 1500 lineup departs from the Hemi V8 and in its place is a pair of Hurricane inline-six cylinder engines. We miss the V8 exhaust note for sure, but the new twin turbocharged I6 engines provide great power. In fact, the high output Hurricane I6 makes the most powerful volume engine in the … Read more

Industry report: BEVs (Apple, batteries, and such)

Apple Car

Apple car dead. Apple, which has been semi-secretly working on making its own electric car in conjunction with a real automaker, today officially cancelled the project.The Apple Car was likely first initiated under Steve Jobs; around 2,000 people were working on it as of this month. The project has been going on for over ten … Read more

Next Dodge Charger to Debut Online on March 5 at 11am

Next Generation Dodge Charger Debut

We have known for a few weeks that the next generation Dodge Charger will debut on March 5th, but today, the company provided a few more basic details on where and when the car will be introduced. The global debut of the next generation Dodge Charger will be shown on and the online event … Read more

Hydrogen cars took a hit this week

cummins propane-diesel-hydrogen engines

While truck stops continue to install hydrogen facilities for future fuel-cell and adapted-Cummins-diesel big rigs, regular hydrogen cars in the US were dealt a heavy blow as Shell stopped selling the gas in its California stations. Only seven stations were affected, but these are seven out of a mere 59 stations in the entire country.Ram … Read more

Muscle-bound: Can Dodge and Ram jettison the Hemi and live?

Dodge Challenger Demon 170

For three decades—since the Viper—Dodge has increasingly conjured images of fire-breathing Hellcats, tire-shredding Demons, and rumbling Hemi V8s that could soundtrack an earthquake. It’s a brand built on brawn—on excess, not dependability (a word Dodge invented), safety, value, or efficiency. Yet, data shows time after time that dependability, safety, value, and efficiency are the biggest … Read more

Ram 1500 “premium controversy” is a nothing-burger

Hurricane Twin Turbo 510 Engine

Recently, another site came out with criticism that the 2025 Ram 1500’s high output Hurricane six will require premium fuel. This was their second headline; originally they didn’t mention that it was only the high output engine requiring premium. This was followed by predictable comments from readers of gloom, doom, and the inferiority of new engines.There … Read more

Electric Mopars to use new J3400 connector; charging network named

2025 Dodge Charger Daytona ”spy shot” (reveal)

Stellantis was the final member of the former Big Three to announce its use of the SAE J3400 connector for high-speed charging. This connector essentially uses the physical form of Tesla’s design with the protocols of the Combined Charging System (CCS). Drivers will presumably be able to use Tesla chargers as well as those from other makers, including Ionna, the new charging network announced by six major global automakers. Ionna, whose name and chief executive were just released last week, plans to have 30,000 high-rate charging points in North America by 2030. 

BEVs set record though “stalling” in USA and accelerating in EU

2009 BYD plugin hybrid (PHEV) car

While some secondary indicators and a good deal of complaining suggest that Americans aren’t buying into EVs at the rate automakers and regulators would prefer, Europeans seem to be transitioning over relatively quickly. EV sales went from 14% in 2022 to 18% in 2023, passing diesel’s share, according to the European automakers’ association. [Article continues with discussion of events in Europe and contrasts in North America, and things buyers need to watch for.]

Easier car starting through science

Chevrolet Corvette 6.2 LT2 V8 engine - cams, piston, valves, cam phasers

FCA US’ Andrew Morris and Craig DeYoung created a system to reduce the compression ratio while you’re starting your car, to cut back on the starter’s workload. The system uses the engine’s cam phaser system to increase valve lift to the point that compression falls to 5:1-6:1 from the usual roughly-10:1.

Mopar’s work on extreme-cold-weather EV driving

2024 Ram EV

Lately, the performance of EVs in extreme cold has been popping up in social media. Studies do show that, like gasoline-powered cars, BEVs have poor efficiency in the cold, but once warmed up, they do much better. Numerous short trips will drain the BEV’s battery relatively quickly—as they will a gas tank.Four FCA US employees … Read more

STLA continues hydrogen investment

hydrogen Ram truck (heavy duty)

Hydrogen power continues to attract investments by companies around the world; the latest announcement comes from Stellantis, which is able to make hydrogen fuel cell and electric vans with the same basic bodies. The new announcement comes in 2024, as Stellantis has predicted.Stellantis has started industrial scale production of hydrogen fuel cell vans for its … Read more

Proving that STLA Large is indeed set up for gasoline power (updated)

STLA Large with gasoline engine (ICE)

Every sales figure, product release, and rumor from Dodge and Ram seem to bring forth disparaging remarks from people who insist that the company is “digging its own graves by making nothing but BEVs.” Yet, even before the first battery-electric Dodge has been put up for sale, before the Hemi V8 stopped being optional, people … Read more