New Tacoma’s threat to Gladiator, future Dakota

toyota tacoma

Jeep has staked out a unique niche in the midsize pickup market, good enough for a #3 share in 2022—with 77,855 sales, most likely exceeding Jeep’s original expectations. That is not likely to remain Mopar’s only midsize pickup, though; a new Dakota or Ram 1200 has long been rumored to be under active development for global sale.

The new pickup would most likely replace the Mitsubishi L200-based Ram 1200, which was never sold in the United States or Canada. As such, its primary competition in North America would likely be the Toyota Tacoma, which had 237,323 sales in 2022—absolutely dominating the market, with the #2 Chevrolet Colorado only reaching 89,197 sales (adding  the GMC Canyon version brings that to 117,016, which is still less than half the Tacoma). [Read more…]