Who was #1 in 2023? Trucks, vans, and minivans in the USA

In the full size commercial van class (the only commercial vans to really sell well in the United States), Ford remained the USA sales leader with 129,009 Transits—7,672 of them battery-powered. That was nearly a 30% gain over 2022. Ram has not yet launched its battery ProMaster but did sell a decent number of ProMasters, 81,663 of them—up 34% over 2022. Ram is far closer to Ford than it has ever been, in ProMaster sales.

2023 Ram ProMaster vans

In the all-important pickup category, Ram lost some ground to Ford and GM. Ford sold 750,789 F-series pickups and chassis cabs, across all size and weight classes; GM sold 555,148 Silverados and 295,737 Sierras. As happens so often, GM handily out-sold Ford in full-size pickups, but the F-series wins the title since GM split their sales across the Chevrolet and GMC brands.

2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger Tradesman

Ram came in third in this race, with 444,926 pickups sold. That was enough to beat the Tundra’s 125,185 more than three times over, but Toyota gained by 20% over 2022 with their brand new model and has no heavy duty pickups, making it good that the 2025 Ram 1500 (shown above) is just around the corner. GM had seen a 6% gain in Chevrolet pickups and a 22% gain in GMC; Ford rose by 15%.

That said, Toyota’s Tacoma still dominates compact/midsize pickup sales with 234,768 being sold in 2023 (down by 1%), compared with 55,188 not-at-all-comparable Gladiators, 94,058 Mavericks, 32,334 Rangers, 71,081 Colorados, and 22,458 Canyons. In electric pickups, Ford sold 24,165 Lightnings; with supply shortages, GM cleared 461 Silverado EVs; and Ram 1500 REV is not yet on sale.  (GM sold 75,883 battery-electrics and Ford sold 72,608.)

Pacifica PHEV 100,000

It was a far better year for Chrysler minivans than 2022 was; sales rose by 22% to 120,554. Toyota’s brand new Sienna lost sales, falling to 66,547. The new model is a hybrid only, and while its economy is quite good, the Pacifica has both gasoline and plugin hybrid versions (the 100,000th Pacifica PHEV is in the photo above).

GM does not make minivans; Honda, once the leader in minivan sales, took the #2 place with 74,738 Odysseys changing hands—a huge 57% gain over 2022, but not enough to catch up with the Pacifica. Chrysler took the #1 spot by a good margin, and would even have made it comfortably if sales had not gone up.

Stellantis was the biggest seller of plugin hybrid vehicles for the US in 2023, with Jeep providing most of the sales but Dodge (Hornet R/T) and Chrysler (Pacifica) also helping out. The company’s first battery-electric cars are scheduled to go on sale during 2024—the Recon, Wagoneer S, ProMaster BEV, Ram 1500 REV, and updated Fiat 500e at the least.

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