FCA skipped NYC but is doing Montréal, and this is why

FCA Canada, the Stellantis North American “Great White North” division, is showing off its cars at the upcoming Montréal Electric Vehicle Show after FCA US skipped attending the rather larger New York Auto Show. The reasons become clear after reading through the press release.

Carlos Tavares (left) and Mike Koval

Stellantis slashed its North American car-show budget, but dealer groups can still band together to pay for a presence at local shows. In this case, the Québec Dealers’ Advertising Association has organized the event, taking the load off Auburn Hills. In addition, it’s a shorter show, presumably far less expensive to attend, and nobody expects a wide variety of corporate executives to be giving interviews.

2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger Limited

While FCA US and FCA Canada do not actually make electric vehicles yet (unless one counts PHEVs, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles), they are soon starting production on the Wagoneer S, Recon, Ram 1500 REV, and ProMaster BEV, and importing the Fiat 500e. The European branch makes a wide variety of electric cars and commercial vans.

The show takes place on April 19-21, 2024, at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, and will include a Ram 1500 Ramcharger in its Canadian debut, along with a Charger Daytona SRT concept electric muscle car, Fiat 500e, Hornet R/T, Wrangler 4xe, and Grand Cherokee 4xe.

First photo: from the 2023 New York Auto Show. Second photo: Ramcharger.

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