Mopar minivans vs Kia, Toyota, and Honda: Who’s on top? The surprising answer

Chrysler sold 33,114 minivans in the first quarter of 2024—up quite a bit from its 28,910 sales in Q1 2023. But how does that compare across the industry?

The Honda Odyssey, which was briefly the sales champ despite fast-grenading transmissions, lost some ground, dropping from 19,902 to 17,393 sales. That means that Chrysler is likely once again the sales leader.

Toyota Sienna minivan

Toyota fairly recently redesigned its Sienna, which is now hybrid-only. The result was a major boost in sales, but only from 10,487 to 16,074—roughly half of Pacifica’s sales.

Kia renamed its minivan to the global name, Carnival, which is certainly more fun than Sedona; the change and major improvements in the minivan likely worked, as they moved from 7,131 sales to 9,538. For the first time, Kia is within reach of Toyota, but that’s partly because the Sienna lost so much ground over the last few years.

Once again, at least for the first quarter, the Chrysler minivan is on top—and by a huge margin. With luck, that will continue through to the end of the year.

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