Inside the new engine coming to the USA for STLA Medium

EP6 Peugeot engine for Stellantis STLA Medium 1.6 hybrids

On Monday, FCA US announced that it would be making a 1.6 liter turbocharged engine for use with hybrid powertrains in two American vehicles. This engine appears to be a new edition in the established EP6 series. The first EP6 four-cylinders had rather public issues with the valve timing; when these were fixed, PSA assigned the … Read more

Stellantis hit by Russian export ban

Russia has reacted to EU and North American sanctions by banning the export of numerous products—including motor vehicles such as the vans that Stellantis was gearing to export from a new joint-venture factory there. The vans may still be exported to other countries which are not affected by Russia’s 48-nation ban. Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, … Read more

Maserati Grecale is on the way

Maserati Grecale

Back in 2020, we wrote that “Maserati is getting two cars, the MC20 sports car originally created for Alfa Romeo, and the Grecale crossover”—in 2021. The Grecale is finally set to be unveiled on March 22, delayed by the chip shortage. It will be made in the Cassino plant which pumps out Stelvios and Giulias. … Read more

Alfa Romeo Tonale’s unveiling is set

Alfa Romeo Tonale concept

Alfa Romeo has set up a digital unveiling for their long-awaited (pronounced “dih-LAY-d”) Tonale (pronounced “toe-NAHL-a”) for February 8. The concept version debuted in 2019, at the Geneva car show; the main delay was to provide a more powerful plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain than originally planned. The new subcompact crossover will come with front wheel … Read more

Yes, “Stellantis and You” is the name of their new EU retail online shop

Stellantis & You

How to name a retail shop where you can buy new and used cars, arrange for service, rent a car, or buy aftermarket parts, for Peugeots, Fiats, Alfa Romeos, Maseratis, Citroëns, Opels, and Jeeps? Obviously, it seems, is the perfect name for Stellantis’ retail services, at least in 11 countries in Europe and in … Read more

Stellantis’ self-driving tied to European projects

stellantis level 3 autonomous self-driving cars

While many drivers don’t particularly like the idea of autonomous cars, at least for their own use, having that capability does seem to be needed for credibility among the non-auto-adept public. Fiat Chrysler chose merely to help Google with its self-driving efforts, supplying cars and learning from what Google needed to modify them; Peugeot participated … Read more