New direction, product for Fiat

Fiat concepts

As Dodge prepares to launch its new Challengers and Chrysler continues to figure out its mission, Fiat has announced the launch of a new vehicle every year until 2027. Fiat and Dodge owner Stellantis announced that the new product was made possible by Stellantis’ new global platform, presumably meaning STLA Small, which is based on … Read more

Chrysler parent adds to EV parts production

Ram and Jeep Electric Drive Module

Stellantis, parent company of the former Chrysler, is adding to its production of electric drive modules (EDMs) due to increasing in battery-electric vehicle (BEV) sales.The expansion will be in Szentgotthard, Hungary, with production starting in late 2026. The drive modules are also being made in Kokomo, Indiana, and Tremery-Metz, France while Mirafiori, Italy will be increasing production … Read more

500e’s range solution: Watch a battery swap

ample car battery swapping station (video image)

Stellantis and Ample have signed a binding agreement to set up a pilot battery-swap station which can replace a Fiat 500e’s discharged battery with a freshly charged one in less than five minutes.The companies are discussing using modular battery swapping stations with other Stellantis vehicles and in other regions. The pilot will use a hundred … Read more

New generation of Fiat Ducato EV provides longer range

large vans

Stellantis is the #2 automaker in Europe, and the #1 in commercial vehicles. Globally, its commercial vehicle range, now dubbed Pro One, includes six brands including Ram, ten pick-ups, and a hydrogen solution. The company plans for light commercial vehicles to account for a third of Stellantis profits, including aftersale services.The new Fiat E-Ducato, was … Read more

Leapmotor not heading for USA any time soon

Leapmotor cars (Chinese EVs)

According to Stellantis’ investors report, Chinese company Leapmotor plans to be part of China’s export offensive, but won’t be reaching the United States any time soon.China is already the world’s largest exporter of cars, but few are sent to the United States; Volvo is the best known brand owned by a Chinese company which exports … Read more

Peugeot E-3008 Could Preview American Market Stellantis EVs

Peugeot E-3008

Peugeot recently introduced the 2023 E-3008, and while that vehicle will likely never have any role in the United States market, it is based on the STLA Medium platform. We know that the STLA Medium platform will be used for vehicles sold in North America at some point, so there is a possibility that some … Read more

Not spotty cars: SPOTiCAR to sell used cars at US dealers

spoticar not spottycar

Stellantis’ “pre-owned” vehicle program for all FCA US brands but Maserati is launching in the United States. It’s a European import, created in 2019, and now available in eleven countries.Of note, the marques included are “Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep®, Ram,” and—“Wagoneer by Jeep.”SPOTiCAR “brings together the approved used vehicles of official retailers.” It … Read more

Saft, Stella, and France create “smarter, more efficient” battery

new battery technology saft

Stellantis, Saft, and the French National Centre for Scientific Research unveiled a new prototype battery today. Unlike many recent unveilings, this battery is not showing off a different battery chemistry; instead, each module has its own charger and inverter through electronic conversion cards. This cuts the system’s cost and reduces the space it needs. Researchers also said it was more reliable than current setups with external chargers and inverters. (Inverters turn direct current, or DC, into alternating current, or AC.)

New Fiat 600 may or may not be first STLA use of safer, cheaper batteries

New Fiat 600 / 600e

Fiat’s latest car looks like the new 500, but it’s larger—the Fiat 600. Sold in both battery-electric (600e) and hybrid-electric versions, the 600 is instantly recognizable as an updated Fiat.

The Fiat 600e was strongly rumored to use LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, which are safer than standard lithium-ion batteries but have less energy density. That means the batteries, reputedly sourced from experienced Chinese automaker BYD, would be heavier than lithium-ion units of the same capacity, but far less prone to fires. However, …

STLA Medium revealed on same day as 2024 Hornet R/T

STLA Medium platform

Stepping on its own press releases, Stellantis today released the STLA Medium platform, which will host cars and crossovers from just about every STLA brand—most likely including Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler, and possibly even Ram.

STLA Medium is, in short, a global platform; it can handle compact and midsize cars and crossovers (C and D segments), potentially replacing everything from the Renegade to the Cherokee, or from Neon to Stratus/Sebring. Stellantis has 26 nameplates that could be covered by STLA Medium, and has the factory capacity to make two million vehicles per year on the platform this year.