STLA replacing supply chain chief, doubling down on battery recycling

circular economy (cradle to cradle)

Even as the Stellantis CEO argues against battery-electric vehicles in global media, Stellantis is doubling down on its plan to make money from recycling batteries and other car components by creating a new position: Senior Vice President of Circular Economy. The first SVP in this role will be Alison Jones, who is currently in charge …

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Stellantis #1 in European EVs? and Peugeot’s top seller

2022 Fiat 500 electric (BEV)

While the European market has been hit by the same supply issues as everyone else, there has been some good news for Stellantis, the continent’s second largest player. Stellantis nabbed the first quarter’s “best selling car in Europe” title with the Peugeot 208; overall, five Stellantis vehicles, all but the Fiat Panda from the Peugeot …

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Eclipsed at the show: Alfa Romeo Tonale

Tonale badge

The US version of the Tonale was shown at the New York Auto Show yesterday, but most people would never know it. After the unveiling, TV people, influencers, video bloggers, and plain old photographers and writers were clustered around the Wagoneer Ls and Airflow for hours; but the Tonale sat alone and forgotten amidst two …

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Stellantis hit by Russian export ban

Russia has reacted to EU and North American sanctions by banning the export of numerous products—including motor vehicles such as the vans that Stellantis was gearing to export from a new joint-venture factory there. The vans may still be exported to other countries which are not affected by Russia’s 48-nation ban. Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, …

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Maserati Grecale is on the way

Maserati Grecale

Back in 2020, we wrote that “Maserati is getting two cars, the MC20 sports car originally created for Alfa Romeo, and the Grecale crossover”—in 2021. The Grecale is finally set to be unveiled on March 22, delayed by the chip shortage. It will be made in the Cassino plant which pumps out Stelvios and Giulias. …

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Alfa Romeo Tonale’s unveiling is set

Alfa Romeo Tonale concept

Alfa Romeo has set up a digital unveiling for their long-awaited (pronounced “dih-LAY-d”) Tonale (pronounced “toe-NAHL-a”) for February 8. The concept version debuted in 2019, at the Geneva car show; the main delay was to provide a more powerful plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain than originally planned. The new subcompact crossover will come with front wheel …

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Grand Cherokee 4xe specs; current, next-gen cars to be at CES

Stellantis at CES 2022

Stellantis will have on-site and virtual experiences to showcase their technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 5-8. The event will give Americans a chance to see some cars not sold in the United States; to see the Chrysler Airflow in person, for the first time; and to see the Grand …

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Americans can still buy Fiats (with a fabric roof)

T4 firefly GSE 1.3 turbo engine

Americans can still buy Fiats, as long as they take a 500X, with the 1.3 liter turbocharged engine and nine-speed automatic transmission. New for 2022 are a retractable fabric roof on every trim levels, and in black, red, gray, or, for the Yacht Club Capri, blue. The Yacht Club Capri, since you asked, is a …

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Stellantis’ self-driving tied to European projects

stellantis level 3 autonomous self-driving cars

While many drivers don’t particularly like the idea of autonomous cars, at least for their own use, having that capability does seem to be needed for credibility among the non-auto-adept public. Fiat Chrysler chose merely to help Google with its self-driving efforts, supplying cars and learning from what Google needed to modify them; Peugeot participated …

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Lancia Delta as a BEV, and the place of Chrysler

2011 lancia delta car

Lancia, which is currently confined to Italy and a single car brand, will be getting a new, battery-powered Delta model in around four years, according to new Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano, as quoted by motor1. At least one observer believes that a Chrysler version is likely, given that Lancia has a mission which could be …

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FCA studio talent for rent; $12 billion in credit; CEO World Tour

Tavares at Warren with Ragalyi, Resha

Stellantis released three stories recently, one noting that the company had arranged for a $12 billion credit facility—always handy, one showing CEO Carlos Tavares on tour, and another announcing that Stellantis’ design facilities are available for consulting by companies inside and outside of the automotive business. The second part takes a little explanation. Automakers often …

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