New generation of Fiat Ducato EV provides longer range

Stellantis is the #2 automaker in Europe, and the #1 in commercial vehicles. Globally, its commercial vehicle range, now dubbed Pro One, includes six brands including Ram, ten pick-ups, and a hydrogen solution. The company plans for light commercial vehicles to account for a third of Stellantis profits, including aftersale services.

large vans

The new Fiat E-Ducato, was semi-released at an event a few weeks ago, highlighting the renewal of all the company’s European vans (and repeating the promise of an electric ProMaster for North America). The main feature of the new Ducato is a 110 kWh battery, extending range by 30% in the WLTP cycle to 420 km (260 miles). This is not a tremendous range, especially since the WLTP cycle is fairly generous, but is likely more than enough for most commercial users such as urban and suburban delivery and local repair outfits.

So far the company has been quiet about a new generation of ProMaster; the Ram commercial van was recently updated in the United States, and may wait a few years before following the Ducato’s changes. Ram ProMaster is a heavily modified version of the older Ducato.

Stellantis is also planning to extend its hydrogen fuel cell technologies to large trucks next year, and may well apply it to more vans than the intermediate sized Peugeot E-Expert and Citroën ë-Jumpy.

In Europe, Stellantis has a partnership with Qinomic to retrofit vans to electric power, extending their lifespans if the body is in good shape. Conversions begin next year. Engines removed from the vehicles will be used in the “SUSTAINera” used parts division.

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