Jeep is cutting prices without cutting prices

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…Jeep, meanwhile, has been reluctant to react in a normal way to slipping demand for its vehicles as new and old competitors sense blood in the water. When it saw the Bronco debut, Jeep’s main reaction was to make a slightly more capable version of the Rubicon; prices even crept up a little with the 2024 models. The company could have cut its prices or thrown in key options as standard to pre-empt the Bronco’s expansion, but it did neither—and then started “employee pricing for everyone” promotions. Jeep also started reaching out to employees and retirees with attractive lease deals….

Why Wrangler remains the king of the aftermarket

Jeep D-Coder Concept by JPP

Wrangler remains the king of the aftermarket for several reasons, consistently winning SEMA awards as vendors praise the ease of making extra parts—not just “trinkets and trash,” to quote one retired Jeep engineer, but also factory-quality parts that increase actual performance or add things the company refused to make available (like camper attachments).

Buying the underappreciated Dodge Charger SXT

2012 Dodge Charger SXT V6

From the moment it rolled onto the scene, the Dodge Charger captured the imaginations and hearts of motor enthusiasts across the world. Its striking blend of raw power and aggressive design set it apart—as did its generous passenger space. This American classic has witnessed several revisions and incarnations over the years, but through it all, … Read more

Stellantis Delays Second U.S Battery Plant Location: What You Need to Know

Factorial CEO Siyu Huang and solid state battery

In recent years, Stellantis has stated its goal of being a significant player in the global market for electric vehicle batteries. Through strategic partnerships and facility development, the company is trying to catapult itself to the forefront of the electric vehicle industry. Stellantis was due to announce the location of another United States battery plant, … Read more