Leapmotor not heading for USA any time soon

According to Stellantis’ investors report, Chinese company Leapmotor plans to be part of China’s export offensive, but won’t be reaching the United States any time soon.

China is already the world’s largest exporter of cars, but few are sent to the United States; Volvo is the best known brand owned by a Chinese company which exports cars from China to the US.

Leapmotor cars (Chinese EVs)

Leapmotor has a mid-sized SUV created with global export in mind coming out in late 2024—the C10. One version will have roof-mounted LiDAR to help with full self-driving. The company plans to export to Enlarged Europe in 2024, then to the Middle East, Africa, and South America in 2025, with over a half million units planned for export through the Stellantis joint venture by 2030. Stellantis’ share will start up in 2025. All these vehicles will be pure EVs.

Regulatory approvals are not expected for up to ten months from now.

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