New pickup, Trenton engine, Toledo benefit from strike agreement

Stellantis’ deal for ending the UAW strike includes a midsize pickup to be made in Belvidere, Illinois; new product for Trenton Engine, possibly an extra line for the Hurricane Six engines; and more work for Toledo Machining, doubling its workforce, according to Detroit News.

Making a Ram Dakota?

The strike lasted 44 days, and if STLA’s statements before and after are to be believed, saved 5,000 jobs across GM, Ford, and Stellantis.

Negotiations gained considerable speed when Ford negotiated a 25% raise over four and a half years, a number matched by GM and Stellantis, as the other companies did not want Ford to be making trucks when they were still shut down. The UAW targeted plants making vehicles with relatively little competition from imports.

For further details, see the Detroit News.

Note: the name and brand of the midsize pickup is yet unknown, and the image above is unlikely to be what the result actually looks like. 

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