Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer vs the competitors: One surprise

The Jeep Wagoneer may be a high-end, full-size truck, but its main competition remains the big Ford, GM, and Toyota wagons. The class leader remains the Chevy/GMC Tahoe, Suburban, and Yukon/Yukon XL, which have dominated full size SUV sales since, well, the original “SJ” Wagoneer was still in production. The GM SUVs are not just stalwarts due to age or old reputation; they have remained quite reliable and durable through the past decades, with no major failures and gaffes. Beating them is likely impossible—it would take help from GM, which GM is not likely to give. Sales of these in Q1 2024 were:

  • Suburban—9,684
  • Tahoe—23,324
  • Yukon/XL—18,013

2022 grand wagoneer seats

The total is 51,021, which dwarfs anyone else’s total. Notice, though, that Cadillac is left out though they make the Escalade in regular and ESV forms.

The Jeep Wagoneer had 13,131 sales in Q1 2024, which looks bad against GM’s totals, but it’s a bit misleading since the Wagoneer start at a premium level, and GM is an undisputed leader. It’s a bit more fair to compare to the Ford Expedition, which had 21,560 sales in the quarter. That’s well above Jeep, but the Expedition starts a bit lower down, and is better established. Jeep also wallops the better established Toyota Sequoia, which only had 5,958 sales in the same period. Wagoneer doubled Toyota’s sales there, though Toyota is a much bigger company in the US and around the world.

inside Grand Wagoneer

Next we have the Grand Wagoneer, where we come up against Cadillac, Lincoln, and Lexus (LX). Toyota managed 1,697 Lexus LX series sales; Lincoln had 3,127 Navigators; and Cadillac had 9,135 Escalades. The Jeep Grand Wagoneer hit 3,550 sales in that period—beating everyone but the mighty General.

Social media postings have mocked the Grand Wagoneer for its “low” sales—but beating Lincoln and Lexus is nothing to sneeze at. Beating Cadillac—that would be ambitious in GM’s strongest segment.

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