Layoffs at Former Fiat

The former Fiat, now FCA Italy, confirmed a hefty number of layoffs, blaming electrification—which is appropriate for around 100 jobs at the Pratola Serra engine plant, but unlikely to be the root cause for laying off 850 people from the Cassino engine plant or 300 at Mirafiori. The news comes via Reuters days after rumors surfaced.

Announced around a week after 400 layoffs of engineering and technical personnel at the former Chrysler, Fiat’s news included unspecified 733 office staff cuts as well.

The job cuts are voluntary, negotiated with Italian unions. Stellantis cut around 55,000 people via voluntary redundancies in 2021; Fiat still has 43,000 employees in Italy. One possible reason for some of the layoffs may be a difference in how organizations approach outsourcing—Peugeot seems to be more likely to outsource (as Daimler was), while Fiat preferred to keep testing and more development and production in-house.

Stellantis combined Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot, and has a number of engineering centers throughout the world, most importantly (and in no particular order) in Italy, France, the United States, Brazil, and India.

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