New direction, product for Fiat

As Dodge prepares to launch its new Challengers and Chrysler continues to figure out its mission, Fiat has announced the launch of a new vehicle every year until 2027. Fiat and Dodge owner Stellantis announced that the new product was made possible by Stellantis’ new global platform, presumably meaning STLA Small, which is based on an existing Peugeot platform.

Fiat concepts

The press release announcing “Fiat’s new global game” features the brand chief and Stellantis head of marketing Olivier Francois in a Panda, which has, according to the release, “changed the way we experience the automobile for more than 40 years.”

The video includes the City Car, which is bigger than the Panda and includes bamboo fabrics; the Pick-Up, which uses aspects of the Brazilian Strada; the Fastback; the SUV; and the Camper.

Fiat’s future in the United States and Canada is not known, though the 500e is likely to be its biggest seller in the near future as the 500X is unlikely to continue much longer (its brother, the Renegade, has already left the U.S., without any increase in 500X sales.)

All the Fiat concepts can be see on the Stellantis public relations site.

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