Next Dodge Charger to Debut Online on March 5 at 11am

We have known for a few weeks that the next generation Dodge Charger will debut on March 5th, but today, the company provided a few more basic details on where and when the car will be introduced. The global debut of the next generation Dodge Charger will be shown on and the online event will begin at 11 am EST.

Next Generation Dodge Charger Debut

Today’s press release was very brief, promising three teasers of the next generation Dodge Charger ahead of the March 5th debut and hinting to the fact that the car will be an electric vehicle.

“The smoke will clear on March 5 — that’s the date Dodge has set to electrify performance lovers around the word with the reveal of the brand’s all-new, groundbreaking Dodge Charger muscle car.”

That is the entirety of the press release, aside from the information on where and when to view the online debut. There was also the image above, offering a shadowy look at the next generation Dodge Charger along with two figures, who I believe to be actors portraying John and Horace Dodge.

As for any possible hidden meaning, the part about “the smoke will clear” could pertain to the fact that the all-electric Dodge Charger is expected to feature all-wheel-drive, so we will be less likely to see big burnouts in the brand’s marketing materials. At the same time, I sincerely hope that Dodge figures out a way for the next generation muscle car to do burnouts.

Preproduction Next Generation Dodge Charger

With the debut of the next generation Dodge Charger set for a week from today and the promise of three teasers, we should be seeing one of these teasers very soon.

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