Chinese-European joint venture cars start up on Poland

Fiat’s Tychy plant in Poland has started to make Leapmotor cars under a joint venture which will ease the Chinese company’s entrance into Europe, according to Reuters.

Leapmotor cars (Chinese EVs)

Stellantis’ leader warned about the impact of inexpensive Chinese electric cars on Europe, as had Fiat’s leader, before forming a joint venture with a Chinese company to bring inexpensive Chinese electric cars to Europe. Stellantis owns 51% of the joint venture and has exclusive rights to make Leapmotor vehicles outside of China.

The Polish plant, which has made many Fiats, was reportedly chosen as a low-cost option. Two vehicles are currently planned for production at the plant; a third model will be exported from China at higher prices to compensate for a new 21% import duty on Chinese electric cars. The pictured C10 is the one that would bel imported from China; the T03 is now made in Poland and the A12 is to join it.  See the original story at Reuters.

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