Recalls (updated): missing van beams, trailer lights, loose bolts, a single-car recall, and more

The American agency in charge of car safety, NHTSA, listed several  recalls from Chrysler this week, some more embarrassing than others. We start with the most embarrassing—missing door beams in 2021-24 Ram ProMasters. While only 266 vehicles are affected (in the US—Canada and Mexico will likely account for a few more), the vehicles are missing an entire side door beam. What’s more, the tire placard has the wrong seating information.  Dealers will install a door beam and apply an overlay label.

2022 Ram ProMaster vans

The door beam is required when there is a second row of seats, but no two-row ProMasters had one—which also tells us that the two row option was not popular, perhaps suggesting that the ProMaster-as-RV trend has peaked. This recall covers the entire run from September 10, 2021 to November 7, 2023. The company did not explain why they were made this way, but the “second-row seat kit” was created in Europe, and chances are the engineers did not check against American impact standards.

In addition, all of four 2024 Jeep Wranglers (possibly a few more outside the US) may not have working trailer lighting due to using the wrong power distribution center. The fix is replacing the power distribution center, which is handled by dealers. All four vehicles were made from January 4 through January 18 of this year, and have the trailer towing option built in.

Ram and Jeep recalls: single cars, missing door beams, and other nuttiness

Finally, just over fifty 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokees may have an insufficiently tightened second-row seat belt; and just one 2022 Ram 1500’s rear view camera image may not display.  This one vehicle is a Ram 1500 Classic with a bad wiring harness, and it has already been fixed, according to a Stellantis representative.

Competing recalls for the week are Rivian side airbags, 2024 Hyundais losing their power steering assist, and 2024 Audi Q8s with failing brakes.

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