Chrysler parent adds to EV parts production

Stellantis, parent company of the former Chrysler, is adding to its production of electric drive modules (EDMs) due to increasing in battery-electric vehicle (BEV) sales.

The expansion will be in Szentgotthard, Hungary, with production starting in late 2026. The drive modules are also being made in Kokomo, Indiana, and Tremery-Metz, France while Mirafiori, Italy will be increasing production of next-generation electrified dual-clutch transmissions (eDCTs) in 2024 for hybrid vehicles.

Ram and Jeep Electric Drive Module

Stellantis’ press release revealed that “Szentgotthard-produced EDMs will be used in vehicles built on an upcoming BEV-centric STLA platform.” The EDM combines an electric motor, reduction gearset, and inverter. Szentgotthard makes turbocharged three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines at the moment.

Stellantis plans to make all new European light-duty cars and trucks electric, along with 50% of US sales, excluding medium and heavy duty trucks (the Ram 2500 and 3500 are classed as medium duty though, like the Ford “Super Duty,” which is also medium duty, they are not marketed that way).

While American media have been running stories that electric car sales are falling, electric vehicle sales numbers have actually grown in 2023 over 2022, and in the final quarter of 2023 over prior quarters, even in the United States. Former Chrysler marques, including Dodge, last produced a battery-electric vehicle around 20 years ago, not counting the Fiat 500e sold only in California. Fiat, Peugeot, and other Stellantis marques have been doing a brisk business in BEVs in Europe; 2023 was the first year electrics outsold diesels.

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