Mopars flagging in US/Canada but Stellantis EU is gaining

Stellantis may have had sales problems in the United States and Canada last year, but in Europe, they had a decent amount of good news. Across 29 EU countries, Stellantis claimed an 18.4% overall market share, 30% cargo van share, and 14% BEV share. Sales grew by around 6% overall, with a 14% gain in BEVs from 2022.

Stellantis’ battery-electrics include the Fiat 500e, Opel/Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot e-208, Jeep Avenger commercial vans which together have a 39% market share of electric vans. In France, Stellantis had a 27% share of electrics. In the EU and in Germany specifically, Stellantis was the second-largest company by sales. The Opel Corsa continued to be the best-selling B-segment vehicle for the third year running.

Stellantis did not release specific numbers by vehicle, but the ACEA is likely to provide 2023 figures for all automakers in a week or two. ACEA’s November sales figures arrived on December 20.

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