Fiat relaunched 500e for USA Canada with prices, power ratings

The Fiat 500e, sold in Europe for some time now, is being reintroduced to the United States and Canada.

2024 Fiat 500e (RED) Canada

The new Fiat 500e is a bit larger than the old Fiat 500 sold in North America; it provides 162 lb-ft of torque and 118 hp for a 3,000 lb (1361 kg) weight. 0-60 takes around 8.5 seconds, similar to a Toyota Corolla and faster than at least one Corolla powertrain.

Range is around 149 miles, but is likely going to be downrated later when it is tested by U.S. methods. Fast charging provides 31 miles of range in five minutes, and 80% battery capacity in 35 minutes. The car as a whole weighs 3,000 lb (1,361 kg). With a Level 2 charger, a full charge takes four and a quarter hours; the battery only holds 42 kWh. Driving modes are normal, one-pedal (high regenerative braking), and sherpa (maximum range, including 50 mph top speed).

2024 Fiat 500e battery BEV

Cabin preconditioning, which activates the climate control while the vehicle is plugged in, can increase range and comfort. Standard technologies including pedestrian alert and lane-keeping  assistance. It is the lightest passenger BEV in its segment.

It has UConnect 5, rather than the old Microsoft-Fiat system, with a 10-inch center screen and 7-inch gauge cluster. Overall, the interior was created to a higher standard than the old Fiat 500.

The Canadian list price is $39,995 plus destination, and before up to $5,000 in federal rebates and $7,000 in provincial rebates. The list price works out to around $29,500 in U.S. dollars.  Sales will start in early 2024, in Québec and British Columbia. The U.S. price is $32,500 plus $1,595 destination; sales will start in early 2024.

While Chevrolet gives Bolt buyers a home charger, Fiat has a Level 2 Free2Move home charger box for sale through Mopar.

inside the 2024 Fiat 500e BEV electric car

The company

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