BEVs are profitable, according to Stellantis CEO

Stellantis is making profits on electric cars in Europe, according to Carlos Tavares, its chief executive—who said that American BEVs were also projected to make a profit.

Carlos Tavares (left) and Mike Koval

Tavares said the company was going head to head against Tesla in Europe, and had already passed the American electric car maker to reach Europe’s second place in EV sales.  He mentioned that the Citroën e-C3, which is to sell for €23,300 (around $25,000), would make a profit despite its low price.

Leapmotor cars (Chinese EVs)

Tavares also said that Stellantis would sell Leapmotor’s Chinese EVs in Europe after buying a 20% stake in the company and negotiating exclusive rights to sell the cars outside of China. Tavares appeared to claim that making cars in China cut costs by around 30%.

Story source: Automotive News

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