Dodge video’s possible 2024 Charger spy shot may be disappointing

Is this the next-generation Dodge Charger Banshee? It has many of the features of the show car, but with framed door windows, production-style mirrors, and yet no apparent door handles. The rear roof kink appears to have changed somewhat, but the wheels have strong turbine-car/original-Charger vibes.

2025 dodge charger banshee prototype

The car in the video does not appear to be new—it’s the same show car seen at the last New York Auto Show. The first show car was black; this one is red, but unchanged since its debut. Dodge noted that it was a pre-production model, shown solely for illustration purposes. It will be available sooner than many expected—in late 2024—which corresponds to word from the Windsor assembly lines.

The front spoiler is clearer from other angles, as seen in this Motales story.

The 2025 Dodge Charger is widely expected to have both standard and high output Hurricane twin-turbo six-cylinder engines and a battery-electric version with at least a two-speed automatic transmission built in for speed and range. A “4xe” style hybrid model, perhaps without the full PHEV function, seems likely for fuel economy.

The full video is here.

See full coverage of the prototype seen at car shows.

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