New engine in development for heavy duty Rams

The twin-turbo in-line six-cylinder GME engine runs up to 550 hp and weighs 100 pounds less than the Hemi V8, but some are concerned that it will not be durable enough in the Ram 2500/3500 or chassis cabs. These medium and heavy duty trucks have a choice of a Cummins diesel or a special 6.4 liter Hemi designed for durability more than acceleration.

New inclined six for trucks
Assembly line is already being prepared for the new truck engine

Rumors claim a second engine is planned for these trucks, based on the Hurricane Six (SST/Six Pack); it would be much larger in displacement at 3.7 liters (225 cubic inches), and, to make room for accessories and ease servicing, lean at an odd 30° angle.  The new “inclined six” engine would eschew stop/start systems and turbochargers. Though that will result in lower gas mileage, Ram will also have a hydrogen fuel cell option and the Cummins.

One source claimed that a diesel version of this system was developed and tested by a contractor, but the company decided not to go forward with it.

slant six combustion chamber

The new engine, coded “Reggie” (departing from the military plane naming scheme), has an aluminum-alloy block and head. The intake manifold, using “bunch of bananas” technology, has a designed-in supercharging effect. It will be made at Trenton Engine.

Update: This is all a reprint of an older April Fools story from Stellpower’s past. The engine is just the old slant six, which was launched in 1960. It had been created for the new Valiant compact car, but a stroked version, the 225, was added onto the specifications for larger cars and for trucks. It was a reliable but slow truck engine, with a hefty torque bias, and a very small number are still used around the world in airport tugs and other specialty uses.

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