Many Ford and lux-car recalls; one minor Chrysler windshield recall

This week’s recalls were dominated by Ford again, with one recall affecting one vehicle (with two nameplates) at Chrysler. 2024 Mustangs may have leaking fuel lines (yet another fire risk); 2023 Bronco Sports and Mavericks have bad tires; and 2023-24 Transit tires may rub against the wheel liner.

2023 Chrysler Pacifica Road Tripper minivan

Chrysler’s sole recall was the 2024 Pacifica/Voyager, because the windshield may detach during a crash. A mere 223 U.S. vehicles are covered by this recall (presumably with around 20-30 Canadian and a few other vehicles); all were made from December 21, 2023 to January 4, 2024, and were caused by using the wrong masking tape. Some vehicles were made correctly during that time. Specifically, the U.S. recall covers 143 Pacificas and 80 Voyagers; and the Voyagers were made starting December 26 and ending January 4.

At the high end, Porsche recalled a variety of 2020-24 Taycans for short-circuiting batteries, and Lamborghini brought back 2024 Huracans for nonfunctional high beams. Mercedes recalled two 2024 E-series models because damaged wiring harnesses can cause stalls, and all 2023 Sprinters for bad grounds; and Audi brought back 2022-24 E-Trons for short-circuits in two separate recalls.

Finally, Kia recalled the 2020-24 Telluride for rollaways; 2020-22 Subaru Legacy and Outback airbags may not work;

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