Mopars may not support next-gen Apple CarPlay

Apple will be launching a more fully-featured version of CarPlay later this year, letting owners use climate control, rear view cameras, and tire pressure gauges without leaving the system; it will also include charging status for EVs. There are other features as well, such as turn-by-turn directions in the gauge cluster.

Apple CarPlay

Support for CarPlay, as with support for Android’s auto screen takeover app, is widespread; but Stellantis, owner of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, is not on the list of automakers supporting the next generation. That list includes Honda/Acura, Audi/Porsche (but not Volkswagen), Nissan/Infiniti, Jaguar/Land Rover, Ford/Lincoln, Mercedes, Volvo/Polestar, and Renault.

Apple has not released any details on legacy support—whether your current car with CarPlay support will use any of the next-generation features without manufacturer updates.

General Motors has oddly decided to drop Apple and Android screen-takeover systems, CarPlay and Auto, in its electric vehicles, but is maintaining it in gasoline powered vehicles; GM was also conspicuously absent from the list. Ford is the only one of the former major American automakers to support next-generation CarPlay.

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