Chrysler concept car hint, with small-print text

Chrysler posted a hint as to their next concept car, due to be revealed on February 13, 2024, with one cryptic word barely visible—indeed, not recognizable as lettering until the image is lightened considerably and blown up. Chrysler, which currently has just one vehicle, a minivan, on sale, will be revealing two more teaser images before showing the full concept car, as well.

2024 chrysler concept car

The image as presented looked like a tail-light shot from an odd angle, but Chrysler also posted a more revealing version on its social media, and lightening the image (as shown above) revealed more detail including a barely visible word near the top of what might be the inside of a car, or a bathtub with very thick sides. The Chrysler logo is on the right . An apparently door handle shows up near the bottom on the left third.


Looking at the image in full size, we see a single word, upside down—“Halcyon.” It could be the name of a concept car, or it could just mean idyllic, calm, peaceful, or even prosperous; it’s a word that many writers don’t seem to use in its original sense. “Halcyon days” are normally favorably, nostalgically remembered, better times from the past. For Chrysler, that might be 1924-1942; or it might be the mid-1990s, when Chrysler resurrected itself against all odds and predictions. It could even reflect on the era of the 300 “letter cars,” the late 1950s and early 1960s. The word might be a reflection of a particular aspect of the concept image, rather than the name of a concept car or even a reference to the car as a whole.

It remains to be seen whether we will see a production car, a concept, or even just a rendering with no physical car; Stellantis has done all three in its preview hints. A production car seems unlikely at this point, as the company has yet to reveal any serious concepts that show its future—after repudiating the Airflow as a definite indication of its direction. While some are impatient to see new Chryslers, which are definitely planned, others would prefer for Chrysler to tune its new direction carefully and surely before leaping in.

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