Stellantis’ sales group shakeup (corrected)

Not long ago, Stellantis divided its North American sales group into two sales channels, business to business (B2B) and business to customers (B2C).

Jason Stoicevich, former head of US sales and Canada, was made SVP for Retail Sales with the U.S.’ 2,600 dealers. That job includes sales planning, incentives, promotions, dealer relations, and field operations. He is no longer president of FCA Canada or Stellantis Canada. After just two months, he resigned and is being replaced by Matt Thompson.


Jeff Kommor, formerly head of U.S. sales, is now SVP for Commercial Sales.

Jeff Hines will take over as president of Stellantis Canada, formerly and possibly still FCA Canada; he was previously head of Jeep in EMEA and vice president of US Fleet Sales and Operations.

The press release claims that the moves simplify the sales channels without providing any explanation of how this is happening. Nor does it seem to include any changes to the Mexican sales structure.

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