300,000-car Dodge-Chrysler airbag recall—not as bad as Takata

FCA is recalling a number of 2018-21 Chrysler 300C/300S/300s and Dodge Chargers due to side airbag inflation modules which were contaminate with moisture during construction. The problem, caused by the supplier, can lead to ruptures; but unlike the Takata airbags, which could go off at any time, these seem to only deploy when the interior temperature is over 120°F.

2022 Chrysler 300

The defect only exists on around 1% of the cars being recalled—284,982 sold in the US,  10,285 sold in Canada, 3,502 sold in Mexico, and 18,820 sold outside North America.

Five undesired deployments have been reported, all with interior temperatures over 120°F, though this does not guarantee that the airbags won’t deploy in cooler temperatures. Since a surprise deployment could injure or kill an unprepared occupant, owners should immediately check to see if the recall affects their car and make an appointment with the dealer. At the moment, there is a fix, but the company is still gathering a stockpile of replacement parts.

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