Recall Monday: four different Jeeps, Isuzu Chevys, and more

wrangler breakover

Four different Jeeps had recalls this past week, along with the usual gathering of competitors. The most interesting competitor recall was probably a range of 2023-24 Isuzu N-Series, along with “Isuzu Chevrolet” LCF models.Over at Jeep, just 16 2023 Wranglers were affected by incorrect spare tire carriers which blocked the third brake lights. These were … Read more

Ford goes traditional for Recall Monday; but it’s mostly trucks

Ford Bronco

Recall Monday brings us another week of recalls. We headlined the Jeep Wagoneer recall for trim which can interfere with airbags; this should usually be a quick, simple fix for the dealers. Ford, on the other hand, went truly traditional (for Ford) with yet another rollaway recall. The 2023 Ford Bronco may have an unsecured transmission, which can prevent the Park pawl from engaging. The fix is a new transmission…

Jeep Wagoneer recall and a Million Ram investigation

Jeep's Jim Morrison and Wagoneer

The Wagoneer’s first recall covers an issue with the upper B-pillar interior trim, which, if it was not seated properly, could interfere with side airbag deployment. This affects 2022-23 Wagoneers and Grand Wagoneers made through to June 7, 2022, when the vehicle assembly process was changed.  The component was made by Century Plastics, but the problem is an assembly issue. The dealer will inspect the interior trim pieces, replace any that are loose or broken, and reseat them if needed. 

Recalls hit many cars but not Mopars


Last week was big for recalls, but somehow Stellantis brands weren’t included in any of them. 

The Kia Niro and Niro PHEV (2017-22 Nero, 2018-22 PHV) could have engine compartment fires.  Ford recreational vehicle chassis had instrument panel failures. GM recalled 2013 Volts, Sonics, Camaros, and Veranos because of bad airbag inflators. Lucid had three software-based recalls and the 2021-22 Jaguar I-Pace could forget to heat its coolant when the defroster was on, failing to defrost windshields. Also, while these aren’t usually covered, heavy truck makers Volvo and Mack both recalled recent vehicles due to battery short-circuits and fires, which suggests that batter problems are not unique to Jeep.

In the weirdness department, Honda had the wrong information on CR-V stickers on 2017, 2020, and 2022 models; and Kia’s electric oil pumps could cause fires (2023 Soul and Sportage, 2023-24 Seltos). 

Numerous Ford truck recalls; small Pacifica fuel line leak recall


… Meanwhile, at Ford, the 2014-16 Transit Connect vans may have a crack in their front door latch Paul; a dark instrument panel on 2023 Ford F-250 through F-550 trucks and 2023 Escapes; the front windows may go one way but not the other on 2023 F-250 through F-550 trucks; and the electric parking brake may activate unexpectedly activate on 2021-23 F-150s. No other ordinary cars or trucks were recalled last week; Stellpower does not usually report on RVs or heavy trucks.

Honda, Mercedes top recalls list

Recalls graphic

This week’s recall list was occupied solely by Honda and Mercedes, unless one widens their search to include medium and heavy duty trucks and buses. The most interesting of those recalls was issued by Hino, which had two recalls—one covering six trucks because the front axle U-bolts may come loose, and one (covering the same trucks) because the front axle U-bolts were not tightened properly. …

Flaming Fords, bad shocks, loose belts, bad Mercedes pumps: the week’s recalls

Ford on fire recalls

The first week of June starts with a recall list dominated by Mercedes models from 2021 to 2023, as a common fuel pump could shut down and take the engine with it on a huge variety of models. This includes Sprinter and Metris vans as well as various AMG and Mercedes retail vehicles. While we’re in Germany, Porsche also reported in with recalls on a variety of 2016-2020 Macans and Panameras whose seat belt anchors may come loose; and 2022-23 911 GT3s whose dual center-mounted brake lights can both light up, confusing other drivers. (They have one in the spoiler and one in the vehicle.) Finally, BMW has some badly made chargers for the 2022-23 I4 and IX, and the 2023 760I. …

Loose nuts, leaks, and deformities: Week brings oddball recalls to Toyota, VW, others

2018 Toyota Camry

Stellantis made it through the week without any recalls, but competitors were not so lucky.There’s an old joke that the most dangerous part of the car is the loose nut behind the wheel, but 2023 Camrys (including the Camry Hybrid) actually has loose nuts holding the wheel on. Well, in any case, the wheels may … Read more

STLA dominates the week’s recall list

VM diesel (Ram)

After a few good weeks, Stellantis is dominating the U.S. weekly recall list with three types of incidents (Ford and BMW tied at #2).

First, 2014-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 2014-19 Ram 1500s with VM diesel engines can stall out due to bad crankshaft position sensors; their tone wheel can delaminate, so the engine can’t time fuel injector pulses to the camshaft movement. This is recall 23V411, expanding a prior recall from 2020 (20V-475). This covers 80,629 trucks and Jeeps in the United States, as well as an unknown number elsewhere…

2022-23 Grand Cherokee recall for bouncing springs

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee (and L)

A new Jeep recall covers over 354,000 Grand Cherokees because the rear springs may have been put in badly, which can result in them coming loose. That increases the risk of a crash.There have been at least 17 cases where this has happened, but so far no crashes have occurred.The recall covers both two-row Grand … Read more

Yet more Ford fires, fracturing Alfa brakes, Cross Corollas, the wrong wheels: Recall Monday

Ford on fire recalls

The NHTSA issued its weekly summary of recalls today.

Ford had an interesting fire recall on the 2020-23 Escape, 2022-23 Maverick, and 2021-23 Lincoln Corsair: engine failure can cause a fire. When Fords with the 2.5L HEV or PHEV engines have an engine failure, they can vent oil and fuel vapor which can be ignited by hot engine or exhaust parts, causing a fire.

Recall Monday: Ford fires, Tesla steering wheels falling off

Ford on fire recalls

This week’s list of recalls does not disappoint, with two companies having overheating batteries, Ford yet again fixing fires, and Tesla having steering wheels come off, because that’s something that still happens after over a century of cars with steering wheels.Ford’s fires affect the 2015-19 Lincoln MKC, and since it can involve fires while parked or … Read more

Recall Monday tags Mopars, Minis, more

2015 jeep cherokee

Recall Monday—the day when NHTSA releases its list of recalls from the prior week—shows two Mopar recalls, one of which we have already covered (electrical shorts in 2014-16 Jeep Cherokees resulting in a “park outside” warning) due to its urgency. The second Stellantis recall for the week is almost trivial, a missing airbag warning label on 2022-23 Grand Cherokees. The fix for this one is adding a label, which cannot be done via over-the-air updates.

BMW’s Mini made the list with possible short-circuits in the footwell control module, affecting 2007-13 Mini Cooper, Cooper S, and JCW, and 2008-14 Cooper Clubman.