Pietro Gorlier in charge of Stellantis parts and service

The urbane Pietro Gorlier, a man willing to patiently sit and answer any question a journalist might have for hours (while sipping fresh espresso), has been put in charge of Stellantis’ global part and service.

pietro gorlier

While at Chrysler, Gorlier read every letter addressed to him, righting wrongs, investigating claims, and generally cleaning up any messes left by dealers, zone people, and warranty adjusters. He also pushed to have dealers modernize and provide services in ways that helped customers more—later hours, weekend openings, and fast oil changes—and led the move to checking each car’s OBDII codes up front as they were driven into the service bay. Under Gorlier, too, Mopar became a global Fiat Chrysler parts brand; and issued cars under their own brand.

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  1. My company is sinking because I cannot get a service department to get my truck fixed. It’s been in their shop for 7 weeks. I am desperately seeking intervention with this dealership.


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