Seems like you can still buy new Dodge Darts

In the last quarter, Dodge sold three new Darts—three times as many as in Q3 of 2020. That was a good number for a car which was dropped in 2016.

2013 dodge dart

Launched to great fanfare in 2013, the Dodge Dart posted impressive numbers for a midsize car, which it was rather close to being; as the largest of the compact cars, though, it fared poorly in comparisons to other compacts, which were almost invariably narrower and lighter.

The current car shortage likely encouraged customers to give in to those dealers still demanding full freight on Darts, whose value plummeted when they were discontinued. Many dealers ended up with practically no vehicles other than a few leftover Journeys, and even today, with the various parts shortages, there are dealers with no cars at all below $35,000 except some in transit—and some of those are already spoken for. A $20,000 Dart may be the only choice for some; fortunately, the 2016 models were good rides, overall, with the 2013 teething troubles long since resolved.

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