Mopar, Stellantis owners less loyal than GM, but not at bottom

American Stellantis owners are less likely to stay loyal to the company than buyers of GM or Ford cars, by a wide margin, according to Experian data published recently by Automotive News. However, Stellantis is not at the bottom of the automotive field—though its competitors are generally much smaller.

Among major manufacturers, GM is surprisingly the company with the highest loyalty, with a 75% loyalty rate for this calendar year; the industry total is 68%. The next highest, not counting niche manufacturer Ferrari (74%), was Hyundai-Kia, at 72%, a number shared by Tesla. From there we drop to Ford at 71%, Toyota at 70%, and Honda at 68%, the industry total.

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Stellantis checks in at 66%, well below Subaru (70%), but far above Volkswagen (63%), Nissan (60%), and Mazda (55%).

Generally, luxury automakers fared worse than mainstream manufacturers; pickup owners are generally more loyal than people in most other segments, too. That played out at Stellantis, where Ram topped out with a 78% loyalty rate but Maserati only mustered 49%; likewise, Dodge (64%) beat Chrysler (55%) and Alfa Romeo (54%). While Fiat checked in with a measly 33%, since the brand is down to just the 500X, which was rarely its best seller, there are other reasons why Fiat may be having trouble attracting former owners.

It’s not really possible to take the non-“Mopar” brands out of the figures, but if we did, we would see that Ram did very well indeed—beating just about anyone, including GMC—but Dodge and Chrysler are still well below the average for mainstream brands. Even Chrysler beat Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and Fiat (in that order), but the three Italian brands are all restricted both in the number of cars they sell and in the years they’ve had to get a loyal following.

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