First 2023 Dodge Buzz Model to Debut on Wednesday

During the first day of Dodge Speed Week “muscle announcements”, brand boss Tim Kuniskis teased six buzz models that will debut over the next few weeks. When they were displayed at the invite-only event during which we were introduced to the Drag Pack Rolling Chassis, the Challenger body-in-white, the Challenger Convertible and the 2023 Durango Hellcat, the buzz models were showcased by means of placemarker vehicles with covers, loaded on a car hauler.

2023 Dodge Challenger and Charger Buzz Models

Kuniskis explained that each of these buzz models would be based on brand heritage, but beyond that, they only hints as to what might be coming were contained in the print on the car covers. Each cover had a unique pattern along with an engine size, a date and a number that we believe indicates the intended production number of that buzz model.

Dodge Challenger Buzz Model

For example, the car shown above has the date of August 24th, the 6.4-liter logo and 1,000 at the bottom, while the cover itself is trimmed in black and red stripes. Based on this information, we believe that Dodge will introduce a Challenger buzz model powered by the 6.4-liter Hemi on August 24th with the plan to produce a thousand of them. As for the pattern, this looks similar to the “Shakedown” package stripes that have been offered in recent years, so my guess is that this is some heritage-based version of the Challenger Scat Pack Shaker. It should also be noted that at the media preview a few weeks back, the debut planned for the 24th had the “salt and pepper shakers” from the Never Lift Garage image, so it is almost certainly a Shaker Challenger.

Dodge Charger Buzz Model

The next buzz model is set to debut on August 31st and it appears to be a Dodge Charger under the cover. This car will also feature the 6.4-liter Hemi and will also be built to the tune of a thousand units, but this cover features a honeycomb pattern that we think gives it away. The Charger has been offered with the Super Bee package in the past, and that seems like a safe bet for the second buzz model debut. Also, at the media preview, this date related to the honey pot with a header, supporting the Super Bee idea.

2023 Dodge Challenger and Charger Buzz Models

On September 7th, it looks like Dodge will introduce a pair of buzz models, one Challenger and one Charger, both of which will have the 6.4-liter Hemi and a 1,000-unit production run. These display cars are covered with asterisks of varying designs and sizes, which doesn’t really tell us much. Some people have suggested that these covers have a “mod top” feel to them, which was a unique vinyl roof covering in the 1970s with wild floral patterns. We have a hard time imagining that Dodge would bring back the vinyl roof, but perhaps rather than a black satin roof wrap, these cars could feature a wild 70s-themed roof finish? Seeing as how both the Challenger and Charger are included in this debut, it seems more likely that the buzz models would be a simpler appearance package, but at the media preview, this date was connected to the tire swing on the Never Lift. The tires don’t really work with the mod top idea, so we will have to wait and see on these two.

2023 Dodge Charger Buzz Model

The next buzz model after that pair is set to drop on September 14th and based on the information on the cover, we are guessing that it is a Charger Redeye and just 300 will be built. That cover has crowns all over it. Richard Petty used to race a Dodge Charger and he is known as “The King”, so it is possible that this could be some sort of Petty- or NASCAR-inspired Charger.

2023 Dodge Challenger Buzz Model

Finally, the last buzz model debut date is planned for September 21st and it appears to pertain to a Challenger Redeye that will see 300 units of production. The cover on this one doesn’t lend much help as to what might have inspired this model, but at the media preview, the 21st was attached to the image of a ghost. For quite some time, there were rumors that Dodge was working on a “Ghoul” model, but those rumors insisted that the Ghoul would be an ultra-high performance package that would best the Demon. That certainly wouldn’t be a buzz model, so we don’t think that this is the long-rumored ghoul…but we aren’t sure what might be coming for this one.

As a reminder, these buzz models will not be available for dealer or customer orders. Instead, Dodge will build them at random and ship them to the top dealerships around the country to be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Potential buyers will be able to see where these vehicles are headed on Dodge Garage, but once they hit dealerships, it will be a mad scramble to buy some of these limited edition models.

Dodge Challenger SEMA Debut Teaser

While that is the end of the buzz models for the 2023 Challenger and Charger, there is one more model set to debut at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. That is the car that we expect will feature the largest supercharger of any modern Challenger, possibly using the 3.0-liter Hellephant IHI blower, and running on some ethanol blend such as E85. There is a moonshine jug on the Never Lift calendar, which is alcohol, but we won’t find out about this one until the beginning of November.

Dodge Challenger SEMA Debut Teaser

Dodge Challenger SEMA Debut Teaser

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