VW, STLA losing less share to Renault, Hyundai

With production issues hurting European sales, both Volkswagen and Stellantis lost market share in the first half of the year. From January to June, VW’s share fell from 26% to 24.7%; and, more to the point, Stellantis’ share fell from 23.1% to 20.8%.

One good sign was in June market shares, with Volkswagen falling to 24.3% for the month—and Stellantis falling to 21.5% from 21.9% a year ago. That number is well above the January-June share, suggesting that Stellantis is recovering.

Peugeot remains the leader of Stellantis sales by a wide margin, with 295,342 of the company’s 958,688 year-to-date sales. They had a 6.4% market share, year to date (YTD). That was well above Fiat, which dropped to a 4.2% share, just above Citroën’s 3.9% and Opel/Vauxhall’s 3.8%.

From that point there was a large drop to Jeep, which had a market share of 1.2% —actually a very good number of Jeep in Europe, and down just 1/10 of a percentage point from Jan-June 2021.

The luxury maker DS came in tied with Lancia/Chrysler at 0.5%, followed by Alfa Romeo at 0.3%—a slight gain from last year, but still representing just 11,736 sales for the year to date. Other brands brought 1,925 sales.

Peugeot alone had higher sales than Renault, Kia, or Hyundai, but less than Toyota or the combined Hyundai-Kia. Volkswagen had the highest sales of any brand in Europe, with 488,468 year to date—down from nearly 630,000 last YTD. Both Renault and Hyundai-Kia had higher sales than in 2021, looking at either June or the year to date.

(All numbers via ACEA.)

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