Wagoneer T6, possible new Chrysler arriving on April 13

The New York Auto Show has released their timetable for 2022, and there are not one but two unveilings scheduled by the former Chrysler. One is for Jeep, which is widely expected to be the Grand Wagoneer with the new Hurricane high output engine; rumor across multiple sites, though the first appears to have been Mopar Insiders, claims that this will also be the debut of a long-wheelbase Wagoneer.

The second event is for Chrysler. This could merely be a showing of the Airflow, or it could be an update. Many believe Chrysler will be launching a battery-electric crossover to be built in the Belvidere, Illinois plant which currently makes Cherokees. That would dovetail with an insider statement that the 3.2 liter V6, only used in the Cherokee, is slated to be before 2023 comes around . Admittedly, the Cherokee could simply be going to a single engine (2.0 turbo) with more power than the 3.2 V6; the four-cylinder is currently optional, but this might be due to the slow 2.0 production so far. Now that the new engine line in Indiana is up and running, the 3.2 may not be needed; and a standard-2.0 Cherokee may be more competitive.

What seems more likely is a completely new crossover, with an off-road-worthy version being sold under the Jeep brand—with standard all wheel drive, or with just one front-drive model for fuel economy advertising—and a lighter version with better economy or acceleration for Chrysler. This could have both hybrid and BEV forms.

We will learn more in just a few weeks—and Stellpower will be reporting from the floor. Expect the press releases to show up in the early morning, based on past experience, with personal impressions and perhaps a few revelations coming later in the day.

The Jeep event will start at 9:20 am and will likely be carried live by Jeep. The Chrysler event starts at 11:45 am. Press conferences are 20 minutes long.

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