End to Mack smells on the way at last

For two years, people living near the Mack Assembly Plant in Detroit have complained about smells and poor air quality. While part of the delay in fixing the problem was due to the state bureaucracy, the plant has now installed a second oxidizer and associated ducting.

Detroit Complex - Mack rendering

The company’s early response blamed faults in the ducting, but it appears twin oxidizers were needed to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) properly. The company has paid $136,832 in fines and is working on improvements to the ventilation and climate control systems of Southeastern High School.

The Mack Avenue assembly plant is built on the site of two former engine plants, Mack I and Mack II; it abuts the Jefferson Avenue assembly plant. Both facilities make Jeep Grand Cherokees; Jefferson also makes Dodge Durangos.

Original story: Detroit News

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