New Chrysler 300 Merchandise Arrives as Production Ends

We reported earlier this week that the final Chrysler 300 had been built at the Brampton Assembly Plant in Canada, ending the current era of the gentleman’s muscle car. It is sad to say goodbye to the model that brought the Hemi back to passenger cars and it is unclear as to what will become of this nameplate in the future. In the meantime, for those diehard Chrysler 300 fans who want to mourn the loss of the full size luxury sedan with some retail therapy, the company has released an array of new merchandise on the brand’s Amazon store.

Chrysler 300 Sweatshirt

On the “New Arrivals” page of the Chrysler Store by Amazon, you will find a nice spread of shirts and hats, along with some vintage advertising posters, a coffee cup and a phone case. The modern era Chrysler 300 is displayed on many of those items – including each front end design – but there are also several items that showcase the original 1955 Chrysler C-300 and the original 1957 Chrysler 300C. The New Arrivals group also has some non-300-specific Chrysler brand items in addition to some items that feature the “Imported from Detroit” slogan.

Classic Chrysler 300 Artwork

The various short-sleeved t-shirts and the hats are all in the $20-35 range while the long-sleeved shirts and hoodies are in the $40-60 range.

Classic Chrysler 300


The phone case is one of the cooler items on the list at $45 and it is available for 28 different phones, so this is a great gift option for any fans of the early modern 300C.

Chrysler 300 Phone Case

Finally, in the Holiday Gift Guide section of the Chrysler Store by Amazon, there are quite a few winter and Christmas-themed items, but my favorite items are the ugly sweater options – three of them! Two of them are ideal for a minivan owner who is proud of his or her ability to pack loads of gifts into the vehicle while the third is a great option for dads, with the design based around the vintage Chrysler Motor Parts brand. There are also a few different branded wrapping paper options.

Chrysler Ugly Sweaters

There are tons of other shirts, hats, jackets, phone cases, drinkware and other items not mentioned here, so if you are a Chrysler brand enthusiast or you are doing some holiday shopping for a 300 lover, click here to check out the Chrysler Store by Amazon.

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