Ram midsize pickup finally revealed—to dealers

Ram head Mike Koval Jr. has shown the upcoming midsize Ram pickup, but only to dealers at a meeting in Las Vegas.

Ram Revolution BEV side view

Automotive News reported on a dealer’s views of the pickup, which he said exceeded his expectations—and was “spectacular.” The new battery-electric pickup matches the “aesthetic” of the Ram 1500 Revolution from January, pictured above.

The dealer, Randy Dye, told Automotive News that Stellantis talked about 30 new products during the meeting. He also noted that they showed a new Dodge Durango concept which is very different from the current model.

The truck is likely to be shown at the New York Auto Show, coming in mid-April; both Ram and Jeep will have presentations.

Original: Automotive News

6 thoughts on “Ram midsize pickup finally revealed—to dealers”

  1. Really disappointed with the loss of the Cherokee. It was “right sized” for me, and probably for many others.

    • Lots of great stuff on the way. This guy must have fallen asleep at parts because some of the things he said were not 100% accurate but the new products they showed us look great and are very promising.

  2. Automakers have been pushing/building unrepairable/disposable vehicles for the last 20 years.. crumple zones that collapse the front end like an accordion in a minor accident that not even god almighty can repair.. vehicles heavily equipped with unserviceable electronics that require a plug and play repair when a problem arises and the part you need costs thousands..etc..it all adds up to “when there’s a problem..buy a new car”… automakers must love the push towards electric cars..these CEO’s aren’t stupid they see how successful the Chinese have been selling all there disposable garbage in the United States and they have seen how the American people embrace the idea of buy it/use it/break it/put it in the trash/go to Walmart buy a new one…I’m sure dodge is going to do really well with there new line up.

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