Report: Dodge, Ram appeal much more to men

Recently, S&P released their Global Mobility vehicle registration data for 2022. Among other tidbits, as Automotive News revealed, Ram rated dead last in the percentage of female buyers in the US, at 17%. That’s well below the other main truck-only brand, GMC, at 29%.

Dodge was the fifth lowest brand for percentage of cars purchased by women, at 34%.

2024 Ram 1500 REV
Ram REV is unlikely to carry a large appeal for women, who tend not to favor pickups or BEVs.

GM’s Buick surprisingly had the highest female representation of any brand, at 55%, though Chevrolet only sold 35% of its vehicles to women. (Chevrolet includes a pickup line, which may be part of the reason for that.)

Among the brand with the highest number of women registering cars, Toyota checked in with 43% of buyers being women—just over the average. Honda, the #2 brand among women, had a higher percentage—48%.

Only 31% of Ford buyers were women, which is even less than Dodge proportion, likely reflecting Ford’s reliance on trucks, Broncos, and such. Jeep’s and Chrysler’s figures were not revealed, but were likely roughly average; Jeep has a reasonably wide mix of vehicles, while Chrysler’s minivans have been popular with female buyers in the past.

Fiat and Alfa Romeo were not included in the list, which only covered the top 25 brands.

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